How to Fix AceStream Buffering? 4 Reasons and possible solutions

Most people rely on the internet for watching sports are now choosing Acestream over all other alternatives. High-quality videos without any subscription is the main advantage of acestream. Even though Sopcast provides similar service, people tend to prefer acestream over sopcast due to its secure nature and distributed nature.

Anyway the buffering issue is the most common problem facing by acestream users. Here are some of the reasons for acestream buffering and its possible solution.

Fix AceStream Buffering

Most common reasons for Acestream Buffering & possible solutions

#1:- Low Bandwidth of Broadcaster

There will always be a person who broadcast acestream videos or channels. Sometimes, the bandwidth may not meet what is required to broadcast that particular content. For example, suppose the broadcaster is planning to broadcast 1080p BBC channel. So he should have at least 10Mbps internet speed. Even if he has this much Internet speed, if any other application uses the internet in between, it will affect the broadcasting and ends in buffering.

So is there any solution? Not at all. There will be little chance to identify whether the buffering is due to the low bandwidth of the broadcaster. So if you face continues buffering, we advise you to look for another acestream link.

#2:- Low bandwidth of Receiver

Do you have enough data speed for streaming high-quality acestream video contents? If not, you will definitely face buffering issues. You can use any Internet speed checker websites for checking your data speed. If it is below 10Mbps don’t choose 1080p+ contents and if it is below 5Mbps don’t choose 720p contents.

This issue can only be solved by increasing your bandwidth by opting for better packages. Just do a Google search with your ISP name and you will see attractive packages with enough bandwidth for streaming acestreming contents with premium quality.

#3:- Peers not reseeding Content

As we mention in all of our posts, acestream is a Peer to Peer concept. There will be a person who streams a video content and other peers receive it and they restream it for remaining users in the network. But what will happen if a peer decides to block restreaming? Acestream has the option to limit the upload rate to 0, where the peer no longer needs to restream the received content. If more peers have enabled this option, there will be fewer people seeding the content.

The only solution in this case is your decision. Please don’t limit the upload rate to lowest digits. If most peers do the same, the network won’t work in its potential.

#4:- AceStream Buffering When connects with VPN

Most contents broadcasting through AceStream are illegal and copyrighted. For instance, watching football matches using AceStream are not permitted in many countries. Anyway, there will be no legal issues until there is a complaint. In order to tweak the ISP, and to protect their identity, many people use VPN tools for watching Acestream media. So there will be no legal issues at all.

But are all people using the right VPN for streaming AceStream contents? Many think that any VPN can do the job. Actually not all VPN providers maximum P2P bandwidth. So if you try to play acestream links in maximum quality, you will see buffering. So make sure that your VPN provider supports full bandwidth for torrents and acestream.

Personally, I am using IPVanish VPN for playing AceStream and I never see such buffering issues. So try acestream with IPVanish by using the 1-month trial pack. If everything goes right, go for the better packages.

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Since there are many reasons for acestream buffering, it is very hard to detect the exact one. A couple of things you can check is that whether your internet speed meets the required speed for smooth streaming and also check whether your VPN supports maximum speed for torrenting. Finally, allow acestream for reseeding the content to make the network useful for other peers.

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