Centurylink speed test – How to Check Internet Speed of Centurylink?

You may think, what is the need for checking your home internet speed. Many people still don’t know how much speed they are getting for their internet connection and how to check the exact network speed. Today we are showing you how to get the exact internet speed for Centurylink broadband. Don’t worry about the hardware requirements. This process required only a PC or mobile with any web browsers. Anyway, we recommend using PC with Google Chrome browser.

One more thing you need to check is that, use your wired connection instead of WiFi. Because WiFi speed may be affected by its signal strength as well as performance fluctuations. Here we have mentioned 3 different services to check your internet speed. Since you are on the CenturyLink network, make use of the official service itself. If the official service didn’t satisfy you, go for the second and third option.

How to Check exact Internet Speed of Centurylink?

#1:- Official Speed Test Application

 Internet Speed of Centurylink

This official speed test application from CenturyLink provides the feature to test your internet speed and henceforth provide you with some tips to improve your experience. There is no much point in a detailed description about this speed test facility and hence I am moving straightly into the steps and precautions that you need to take to get an accurate result of your modem speed. It is strictly recommended that you need to close all the running applications such as Pandora, Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, all browser windows, and tabs. Simply, I may say to close all programs that can stream music and video. If these applications use the internet, you are requested to shut all it down for a precise and accurate measurement of your internet speed.

What you have to do is to connect your system directly to the modem. It is important to note that running the test with a single device may give you the meticulous result. With the aid of an Ethernet connection, run the test with a single device connected directly to your modem for the faultless result. You are also insisted to power down all other devices like web-enabled printers and TVs, other routers, tablets, smartphones, webcams, DVRs, game systems, VoIP phones. Moreover, turning off the content streaming devices such as Roku, Apple TV, and Chromecast will deliver you the canonical speed test result.

You have to note that this speed test will not work on 3G, 4G or LTE and will certainly show a decreased speed result if the test is run over a Virtual Private Network. The speed test is simply a snapshot of your service speed at a point in time and you may re-run the test by after exploring some additional help topics. These help topics will enlighten you with some suggestions so that you may try to hike your internet speeds next time.

Test Speed with CenturyLink official Website

#2:- Speedtest.net – Most popular speed test service

centurylink speed test

Speedtest by Ookla is another decisive way to appraise your internet performance by perfectly calculating your internet speed. In internet performance testing and metrics, speedtest is one of the dominant global leaders with all its billion active users. This speed test service helps everyone to build a faster and better internet. In under 30 seconds speedtest offer you a one click easy connection testing accurately everywhere around the globe. Features of Speedtest.net are listed below.

  • Within seconds, you can assess your ping, download and upload speeds.
  • Connection consistency are shown by real-time graphs
  • Prior test can be tracked with detailed reporting
  • The promised speed can be verified or trouble shooted
  • Easy to share your speed test results.

Speedtest is available for almost all operating systems including Windows, Mac, iOS, android, apple TV and Google chrome. With the aid of speedtest mobile apps, your cellular data speeds and Wi-Fi connections can also be measured. They also allow you to host a speedtest server so that you may help the company to provide the most error free speedtest platform around the globe.

#3:- Netflix Speed test

Fast.com is a clear and simple speed test tool by Netflix which will tell you real time download speeds. Additionally provide you an opportunity to compare the results with Ookal’s speedtest.net. It finds your internet speed by performing a series of downloads from Netflix servers. When you visit Fast.com, you might see a minimal interface that will measure the internet speed of service provider. Within no time the test results are on your screen as very huge digits. If you are facing any stream with your ISP, I think fast.com can serve you better. Another interesting thing about fast.com speed test is that they don’t show any ads to disgust its users.

As mentioned above, fast.com is hosting the service from same servers that host Netflix.com and this removes disables ISP’s to prioritize fast.com data without prioritizing Netflix.com traffic. This forces the hand of ISP’s to treat Netflix data publicly shamed and most likely fined by FCC. Fast.com measures individuals service connection at a particular instant of time and it only measures download speed. This is because downstream bandwidth is most important factor which determines video quality. This speed checker works on almost all devices including smart phones, laptop, computers and smart TVs. There is no requirement that you have to be Netflix subscribers which means that the service is free.

Check your Internet speed with Fast.com

A 3 Mbps downstream connection will enable you to watch SD videos, a 5 Mbps for HD videos and a 25 Mbps for Ultra high definition videos as recommended by Netflix.

There are several other speed checking websites like www.speedcheck.org that measures the connection speed and quality of your connected device to the internet. Try using any of them to get your Centurylink broadband speed.

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