How to play Google Chrome Dinosaur Game? With and Without internet

Dinosaur Game, also known as the T-Rex is a hidden pixel game inside Google Chrome. Many of you may have played it once your network goes offline. You may also have seen similar games on other platforms. This is being created by adapting and improving the open source code of this T-Rex game. Normally, when you go offline, you will be able to access this game.

Most of the T-rex lovers play the game by turning the network adapter into offline mode. For example, turning the WiFi off or by removing the ethernet cable. But you don’t need to turn your network down for playing this game. Just follow some of the options mentioned below.

About the GamePlay

Normally you can start the game by disconnecting your networking connection. When your network goes offline, open Google Chrome. Then it will show ‘Unable to connect to the Internet’ error message. On the screen, you will see a Dino icon but it won’t give a clue about the hidden game.

You can start the game by pressing Space Bar or the UP arrow key. Once you press the keys, you can see the Dino starts moving. There will be several obstacles during the gameplay. Your aim is to run as much as possible without hitting the obstacles. The game starts with less speed and it increases as the game progress. There will be no checkpoints to save the game. Once you hit any objects, you need to start from the beginning. For every 100 points you score, there will be a screeching high score blip.

Steps to play Google Chrome Dinosaur Game when you are online

Access the Game by official URL

This is the simple and straightforward way to play Dino game while you are online. Google had bought the direct URL for playing T-rex game even if you are online. You do not need to go for any alternative solutions as this is the best and easiest way to play dino game while you are online.

Step 1:- Open a new tab.

Step 2:- Type chrome://dino/ and click enter. You can directly play the game by clicking on this URL.

Step 3:- Once you are on this URL, there you can see the “There is no Internet connection” error message and start playing the game.

Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

How to play Dinosaur Game on other Browsers?

If you have the network connection, you can play the game in any browser you want. We had hosted the game file and you can access the game on PC as well as in mobile.

Click to Play Trex Game

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