SopCast Working Links May 2020 – Live Stream FIFA Matches & Sports

The term SoP means Streaming over Peer to Peer or P2P and is a broadcasting system as well as streaming service. The system works based on the protocol developed by SopCast team and starts with sop://. Just similar to acestream, SopCast is also a system to stream audio and video content to other clients without any server or huge bandwidth.

You can become the broadcaster through SopCast and stream your contents to other peers in the network. Mostly, people use this service for streaming TV channels over the internet. Anyway, it is up to you to decide what to stream and what to watch using SopCast.

Today we are discussing SopCast Working Links with which you can watch Sports events especially football for free. All you need to have is SopCast installed on your PC and some links where the game is streaming. Let’s check out from where you get the links for SopCast.

SopCast Working Links

AceStream vs SopCast – Which Service is better?

Since both the services are working in a similar way, I would like to give a brief description of both tools. Both Acestream and SopCast are video streaming platform based on P2P technology. The larger the number of clients in the network, the better will be the video quality. Unlike the traditional way of streaming, both tools don’t need any kind of resources and the software make use of its client’s resources for a better audiovisual experience.

Now come to the point. Which of the service is better? Without any doubt, we could say that AceStream is the better and more advanced software for accessing P2P streaming channels and videos. Especially, if you want to watch live sports events, try to use AceStream instead of SopCast. The following are the disadvantages of SopCast over AceStream.

#1:- Complex to use:- SopCast is more complex than acestream. It requires a login procedure to access the video content whereas acestream doesn’t have such complexities.

#2:- Most SopCast links won’t work:- This is the main disadvantage of SopCast. Even if you get a working link, it may not stream properly due to lack of clients or peers in the network whereas most acestream links work perfectly.

#3:- Bad UI:- The software is not at all advanced enough. If you are using it for the first time, you will feel trouble about how to stream a URL.

Due to these reasons, I recommend Acestream instead of SopCast. Anyway if you are inquisitive about SopCast go on. – Website with SopCast Working Links for every Sports

Even though there are many websites providing SopCast links, none of them work until the end of a match. Some sopcast links will show “cannot access sopcast service” whereas other links show entirely different errors. So you should rely on some reliable website for getting SopCast URLs. is one such website which will update links just before each and every sports event. Not only Football but also Cricket, Tennis, Badminton, Moto GP etc match links will be available on No matter whether the game is popular or not the team behind livetv sx will try to include all games which are happening around the world.


SopCast is a similar service to Acestream. Both of them are working based on P2P sharing method and use its client’s resources to deliver the contents to all people in the network. Even though there are many websites offering SopCast links, none of them are reliable. After having a great research, we found that livetx sx is the best sopcast link provider. You can get live sports links just before the game starts.

Also if you know any other websites that offer sopcast links, please mention it below. We will add it here after having a quick research.

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