AceStream Working Links May 2020 – Watch UEFA & other Sports

We had already posted a couple of articles about AceStream and once again giving you the general idea of AceStream. Basically, AceStream is a software designed to work with the concept of Peer-to-Peer Assisted Streaming Solution. Using this concept, Live videos are distributed among a huge number of users through Peer To Peer concept. Videos are mostly live TV channels that stream TV Shows and Sports events. The concept is good enough so that, only one person needs to broadcast the original video stream. After that, it will get distributed to every member accessing the stream and the video will available globally without any extra cost. Since every peer watching the stream is actually redistributing the stream, the original broadcaster doesn’t need to worry about the bandwidth or any other technical issues. The video will reach every peer with the original stream quality without an extra cost.

3 Methods to get AceStream Working Links

#1 – Website with Daily updated AceStream Links

My favorite website to get AceStream links is The website will list programs and channels links before 1 week of the event. Means, you can see the events that are going to happen 1 week before and the AceStream links were also given at the same time.

AceStream Working Links

If you have installed AceStream on your Windows, clicking the links will automatically open AceStream and the streaming process continues automatically. For every event, more than one link will be there and if one of the fails to load, you can try the remaining links. You can also copy the Links and paste it on your AceStream to load the channels.

For those who are using AceStream on Mac using SodaPlayer, clicking the links won’t work. You need to manually copy the links and paste it in your SodaPlayer to watch the channels.

NB: I always tell that AceStream may take a couple of minutes to start the stream on some occasions. This is because of the Peer to Peer technology. So before closing the channels, please wait at least 2 minutes. Also if you try these links before the match, it may show buffering. This is because lack of clients to seed the video data. I am sure that, at the time of live events, you won’t feel such issues and the stream will continue without issues.

#2:- SoccerStreams SubReddits

This is another webpage where you can see latest AceStream links for streaming sports events. Unlike the above method (, streaming links will be available only at the time of live events and you will get only Soccer related AceStream links.

There are nearly 250K members joined in this subreddits and almost 1K people will be online every time.  So once a Football match gets started, many people will comment AceStream links which broadcast channels both in SD and HD quality. Just check the above screenshot which was taken during a live match between Turkey and Russia. Someone had posted under the Subreddits with working links and the process continues. For every match, there will be new links posted by members.

Click Here to Visit SoccerStream Reddit

#3:- Website with Huge AceStream Links Collection

This is my favorite website to get AceStream working links. However, this website has been blocked in many countries including India. So you may need a VPN to access this website. Also, the domain name may get changed due to various copyright issues so may not be the exact URL after some days or weeks. Anyway, you can access the website using VPN tools.

On the Home page itself, you can see Sports events which are currently available to watch. Just click on your favorite event to get streaming lists.

After clicking the Match link, you will get various links to stream the game. One among them will be live streaming within the web browser. Another one will be SOPCast Link and finally, AceStream links will be there.

Even though there are 3 different options, we recommend using AceStream or SopCast. Both of them are P2P technology and can stream with 1080p without any buffering. You can click the Arrow button right to the Play Button to start stream inside SopPlayer or AcePlayer. You can choose the best stream by checking the %. More % means more good stream.


These are the basic methods to get AceStream Working Links to watch Live Sports events including FIFA World Cup 2018. Since AceStream is a Peer to Peer method, Governments cannot block the URL like they do for IPTV. The above-mentioned methods are the best way to get live Acestream links for watching sports channels with full quality. If you know any other option to get working AceStream links, please comment it below. We will add it to the list after a short probe.

NB:- This article is intended to show you how to get working AceStream Links. We will not responsible for any action officials made against you for watching copyright materials and broadcasts.

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