Telegram Group Links 2020 – 5000+ Active Channel Links to Join

All of us, including me, are great users of all social media. The 21st century, where we live in has everything to connect with people. Most importantly, now everyone can be part of these activities. No matter rich or poor, the usage of social media is quite common among people. The common and most used ones are FaceBook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, and YouTube. These platforms provide great comfort for almost every individual using it. In this article, we will discuss kinds of stuff related to the widely used social media, Telegram. Even though the Telegram is very common with people, there are very less explored. Seems like, WhatsApp has gained some priority over Telegram. But never think bloggers like me are always behind the former. Hence, here we bring some useful links and groups in Telegram just like we provide Whatsapp Group links.

Telegram Group Links

What is the Importance of Telegram Groups and Channels?

As you are aware, social media helps to communicate individually as well to a massive audience. Furthermore, this is a platform where you can raise the voice, public issues, and much more. Also, to interact with the audience of one common interest, social media groups are really useful. Hence, for this reason, we create groups. Here one can send a single message and thousands can see them at the same time. Certainly, messages are delivered with great precision. Additionally, users can build their business and other markets with the help of different groups.

Similarly, with the help of groups, people have come together under an umbrella. If you want to know regarding anything happening around the world, there are groups for it. For example, films, football, cricket, actors, news, etc. In addition to this, telegram groups help you in connecting with your friends, family members living in different parts of the world. Almost every school, college connections are sustained by the usage of Telegram and other social media groups. So, let me introduce some Telegram groups and its features in the following sections.

Active Telegram Groups and Telegram Channels to Join in 2020

I know, it a tedious task to go and find telegram groups of different category. Probably, you will find different groups, but one cannot be sure whether they are active or not. Hence for the same reason, I have included 1000+ active groups from different fields. What you have to do is just find the area where you are interested in. Afterward, just tap the link to see the enormous possibilities of those groups.

#1:- Cricket Telegram Groups

Cricket is one of the most played sports in the subcontinental regions. But not restricted to these areas. It has popularity in Europe, Africa, and Australia. The game gained its popularity in the past few years. People who wish to watch team spirit will like this massive entertainment. Raise your hands, if you haven’t fought with your sister and parents to watch Kohli on a bang, Broad hitting stumps, or team game of Kiwis. All of them who loves cricket would have done these things. Here is the full list of telegram cricket groups for my readers to join. Participate in the group discussions when a live match is going on. Moreover, share your expertise in team selection, bowling actions, splendid shots, and more.

Cricket Prediction Group

Cricket Stadium


IPL Prediction

Cricket Reports


Dream 11 PRO team Maker


MS Dhoni The Legend

Jupiter Cricket Prediction

Free Cricket Reports

Cricket Guruji

Cricket Analysis

IPL Tippers World

IPL King

#2:- FootBall Telegram Groups

Similar to cricket, Football is also famous for its team spirit. It has great popularity among all nations. Also, the game is so interesting that even the haters will find some time for it. If you are a participant of the following telegram groups, you can be a part of this big world. Interacting with people from extreme corners of the world is simply amazing. Player information, upcoming fixtures, previous match details, almost everything related to football can be found on these groups. The Serie A, LaLiga, BPL, Dutch league, I-league, or AFL, everything is up to date on every group. Chatting with die-hard fans will be splendid if you join these groups.

#3:- Friendship & Love Telegram Group Links

Yes, I accept the common thread that leads the world is friendship. You can easily produce a greater outcome if you have good companies. For instance, doing a tough job together yield better results. Moreover, friends are always necessary at your sorrows, happiness, achievements, and more. They can be really powerful in your day to day life. Obviously, people fight between their friends, but I am sure happens because they like each other. It is one of the strongest emotions in the world. It will be an amazing experience if you have a friend from other parts of the world. You will learn culture, emotions, ethnic background and more from them. If you wish those things join the following links.

#4:- Android, iOS and programming related Telegram Groups

I will not forget techies and people who have given their lives for those things. There are a lot of groups in this category. For instance, if you want to learn some Java, the Android telegram groups can help you a lot. Also, users can increment their knowledge as an Android developer while being a participant in these groups. These platforms enable you to learn together different software. On the other hand, there are some telegram groups to help iOS developers. It is quite difficult compared to the former. As a result, our team was not able to find many active and useful groups in this category. Sorry about that. So the point is when you learn together, you will learn a lot in a short period of time. I am waiting for new apps, programs from my readers after using these groups.

Develop Apps and Websites

The Art Of Programming

Competitive Programming

#5:- Hindi Shayri Telegram Group Links

Hindi Shayri telegram groups are interesting for those who love quotes. There are a lot of followers for these sections. And that’s why we have included it here. The poetic expressions regarding different matters are quite good to read. The quotes are really motivational. Moreover, these quotes can help you to find happiness in distress and forget all your sadness. Sometimes, these words can make you happy. Also, you will get some romantic moods to chat with your lover. Here is the list of few telegram Shayri links that my readers can join.


Jokes Msgs Shayari

#6:- Online Earning Group Links for Telegram

Money is inevitable in everyone’s life. If you have to sustain and grow, money is really an important thing to achieve. Most of us do a lot of physical work to get money. Yes, that’s good. But think of a situation where your online brilliance can provide you money. With fewer efforts, less time, one can get a few more bucks compared to physical jobs. Times are changing. So one should adapt to these kinds of online money making groups. Join these groups for a money-making through online services.

#7:- Movies Groups Links for Telegram

At last, let me introduce you to some great telegram groups to get new movies. Here you can get different movies from different genres and different countries. Moreover, these groups provide information regarding new releases, movies now playing, and any more. Do not get restricted to Hollywood and Bollywood movies. There are plenty of big-budget movies happening around the world. So for a real movie lover, these groups can deliver a lot. This big list will help you know everything regarding films.

Official Group For Malayalam Movies


Talk Series and Movies

Malayalam Movies

Malayalam Films

Movies Empire

Movie Box

YIFY Movies


World movie RoCkerz

Desi Movies

Cinema Company Official

#8:- Regional Telegram Groups in India


Malayalam Status

Malayalam music

How to add your Telegram Group and Channel links to this page?

Now its the space for all group admins to add their groups to this article. As you are aware, to list every active group is some difficult job for us. So we might have missed you valuable groups under a category. But never feel angry towards us. We have provided an option to overcome this. If you want to add your groups, please follow the steps. Comment the telegram group links with a small description of them. If our team finds a group link without description, those will be deleted without prior notice. Also, make sure that your group doesn’t run spam or redundant messages. This opportunity will help the group admins to increase their audience strength. Utilize it maximum.


Let me wind up the discussion. We have tried our best to provide the active telegram groups of seven different categories. The ones we have missed will certainly come up in the comments section. So I suggest our readers to regularly visit the website for the new telegram links. Please write to us if we have missed any important category that you would like to be included. We will do the same in our next update. So why are you wasting valuable time? Grab the links and join a massive community.


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