1000+ Whatsapp Group Links to Join – 2020 Best [*Active*] Chat Groups

The present era is fully equipped with activities in social media. There are services which allow you to make the world even closer than expected. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, WeChat and more delivers user comfort to a wide range. Here we discuss matters related to WhatsApp so that you can experience all its hidden features. My readers will be certainly aware that WhatsApp is a freeware, cross-platforming messaging app which has gained wide acceptance in recent years. The service allows you to send messages, voice call, video call people that you really enjoy being with. Moreover, it also enables you to send documents and media to any device. Now, efforts have been made to build services in PC which have been successful.

Importance of WhatsApp Groups

One can send messages and media individually as well as in groups through WhatsApp. Yes, I know you all are familiar with these things and even better than me. If you really wish to send you messages to a large number of people having a common identity, we make use of groups. We create groups so that every message is delivered with great accuracy. Additionally, these groups created will help business owners and organizations to promote and set up their business.

Moreover, all the WhatsApp group resembles our social connection. It has now become an ineluctable part of our personal lives. Spreading information to a big crowd has now become an easy job with aid of WhatsApp groups. You can easily make a personal connection with your old school and college mates. Also, Whatsapp groups help people to get connected with relatives living on the other part of the world.

There are several other features for a Whatsapp group. The recent update allows group admin to set the group in a read-only mode. This means, only the admin can post contents. The other members can only view and forward the message. This feature gives admin more control over the group.

Whatsapp Group Links

1000+ WhatsApp Group Link in 2020 – Find new relations

Besides creating your own groups, there are enormous possibilities to join a wider community. Users can join vast community groups where there are pieces of information of your wish. Unfortunately, finding a link and inviting friends to join this link is a tedious task. People really wish to participate in activities of big groups but are not successfully achieving this. Users fail of different reasons. But after a close watch in my article, you can stand up and win it. I have provided more than 1000 links here so that you can join different groups of your taste. Readers can join groups by just clicking on the link.

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#1:- Cricket Groups

Cricket is a sport which is loved by every people who enjoy team games. There are efforts put forward to bring these people together under an umbrella. Certainly, you have quarreled with parents and teacher for watching Virat on fire, ABD on the attack or Stokes as an allrounder. This will be a common situation with all die-hard fans of cricket. For the same reason, people have created a common platform where cricket lovers can share their opinions about last night match. One can also download and view everything related to cricket if he/she is an active participant of the groups. Have a fun with people of your kind when a live match is going on.

#2:- Football Groups

My dear soccer lovers, here I present a list of football groups links. Football is the world’s largest sports played in every country. Hence it is exciting if people of different nations come together in a single platform. There are people who like to know upcoming fixtures of matches, game details, and even player information. All this come in these football groups. No matter whether it is LaLiga, the Dutch league or Barclays premier league; every update will be present in these following groups. Now take a look at these groups and enjoy chatting with great fans all around the globe.

#3:- Friendship Groups

Friendship is the gift of God and no doubt that the world stands perfectly is just because of never-ending friendships. It is a connection between two or more people. These people share everything that matters in their life. People take up suggestions, bits of advice with friends. Sometimes people fight in their strong friendship relation, still, it is one of the best experience in the world. Without any doubt, I can say there are people who really wish to make friends. Think of the situation of having close ones from other regions of the globe, wonderful, isn’t it? This links below help you to have new relations from other parts of the world.

#4:- Android Community

It is quite necessary to have groups for Android developers. People can learn Java by going through the wonderful groups. Additionally, they can expand their skills and knowledge by being a member of the Android development family. Certain concepts of Java are difficult to learn. Some are even difficult to remember. But, by joining these groups people can share their skills, teach new developers tips of Java. Altogether, this is a platform where people can study together to learn Java. This can sometimes result in creating wonderful apps, fixing bugs in Android devices and more.

#5- iOS community

The same situation is here for iOS too. It is clear that developing iOS kinds of stuff is quite difficult when compared with Java. So community groups providing tips for the same are inevitable. One from northern hemisphere might be knowing some part related with iOS. He/She may be unaware of certain things. Now with all these advances in WhatsApp groups, it has now become easy to share knowledge. Join the links below to share information, to learn new things related to iOS.

#6:- General Knowledge Community

General knowledge is most necessary to represent yourselves in a community. For the same reason, people have created GK groups so that one can learn new information. It is quite natural that people think WhatsApp as a medium of entertainment. Actually, this is not the only scenario with it. Education is part of development and WhatsApp have successfully incorporated some links to flourish. We all will remember group discussions rather than self-study. So this is a wonderful opportunity to share and gather general knowledge from different parts of the world.

#7:- Hindi Shayari

If you are a real lover of Hindi Shayari, you are gonna amused by the links that I have provided here. These beautiful Hindi Shayari groups make you shocked by its output. It is just a poetic expression of words related to different matters. Sometimes, those lyrics can motivate you, abolish your sadness and provide you happiness. One can also argue that Shayari means chatting with lovable in a more romantic way. Whatever it is, you can find links here to join such groups. It was a tough job to pick some but I have managed to choose a few. These groups give Shayari lovers more joy.

#8:- Tamil Groups

People without any doubt and hesitation will say mother tongue is the best language. Moreover, people enjoy sharing the fun in their language. Tamil is a local language in India which is concentrated in South India. Tamil has a great history and tradition to talk about. Unfortunately, when people search for the web to find the groups related to Tamil, they won’t succeed regularly. To avoid this, I have done my best to give links to some top-rated groups in Tamil.

#9:- Malayalam Groups

The same situation repeats in the case of Malayalam too. Malayalam is the local language of Keralites. It is one of the difficult languages in the world to deal with. People in God’s own country deal with the situation very calmly and easily. To bring information related to Malayalam, there are groups created. It is quite sure that Keralites are spread all around the globe. Hence these groups will also find usefulness for people out of the state. Interaction with a wider community is always astounding. These groups also help in creating a togetherness between people of the same identity.

#10:- Hacking Community

Generally speaking, people using social media are interested to learn tips regarding hacking. It was considered a very difficult job previously. But now by the introduction of groups like this, there are always people to share tips to hack. I have to say that, such groups are always filled with members. You need to try different links to join these groups. Once you get a chance to be a member please don’t spam in between. This may result in some bad situation. Try these links and find some tips to hack some others matters.

#11:- Bollywood news and movies

There are always people who love movies, songs, actors, technical staffs and more. If you really wish to know about the recent updates in the industry, better join Bollywood news and movies groups. These groups are very much interesting. One can see the list of upcoming movies, download movies and interact with die-hard fans worldwide. One may get information about all actors and actresses. The list is not complete without great film stars like Amir, Salman, Shahrukh, Priyanka and many. You may also find clips of legendary actors who have died earlier. All in all, these wonderful groups provide everything in Bollywood.

#12:- Job news India

We all study to earn. Jobs are quite important to have money. There are a great number of graduates who are looking for jobs to find an earning. The graduate lists are climbing day by day and the number of the job newsgroup is also increasing. One may find all sorts of job information in these links. It can be from government firms, private sectors and more. There is now no point in searching for jobs each and every day. All the information come just in a group and you can follow it.

#13:- College Life

Student life is always exquisite. To be a student is a dream of each individual. Out of the different classes of student life, all will argue without any doubt college life is the best. Indeed it is the best. The time when you start to live independently, make new friends all happen at this age. You may sometimes find your life partner at this time. The moments you spend at each and every corner of the college is memorable and cherishable. These groups help you to make friends from other colleges, get to know events that are gonna happen in other college and more.

#14:- Love Message

Loving each other has a great impact on the life of every individual. There is always a situation when one feels attraction towards the opposite gender. But the conveying of the same always brings trouble. At this point, the love message groups will be useful. Additionally, there can be a situation when calling and sending messages don’t go in our favor. At these trouble times, love messages can be useful. The love message groups help to restore broken relationships. One can also get suggestions from the community to live a wonderful couple life. the following links help you to achieve it.

#15:- Tricks and Tips

You all will love to get some tricks and tips for better performance. Tricks are always inevitable in social media and in personal life. It will be good if you are getting some tricks to solve simple issues in front of you. Likewise, advice and tips are also necessary. Tips give you suggestions to stay mentally healthy, physically strong. Additionally, they provide information to be secure on the internet and the web. Most often, you feel that certain tricks and tips can make life easier. If you feel so, don’t hesitate to join the links below.


#16:- Online Money Making Community

Making money is inexorable in an individuals life. This may be achieved by doing some physical jobs. But times are changing. People really love to earn money through online. The important thing is that one can work at any time of the clock to earn money online. As an example, I can say online data entry to be a medium to earn money. There are a lot of people looking for money making by online. By joining this community, you can find jobs of your taste. Moreover, organizations can publish opportunities in these groups so that they may receive applicants.

How to add your Whatsapp Group links to this page?

We welcome all Group admins to share your Whatsapp group links here. Before that, you should make sure that you are running quality groups which don’t run spam messages or redundant messages. There are hundreds of readers reading this article per day and most of them like to join new groups. To add your group link here, comment the link below with a short description. If you post links without description, we will not add it.


Now it is your turn to join groups of your interest. As the world is getting closer, be a part of it by joining the humongous community around the globe. I have covered a big topic, but feel free to comment if any of the topics of your interest are missing. Also As I mentioned above, you can comment your own WhatsApp group link here. But make sure that, you have added a brief idea about your group so that readers can make a choice before they click the WhatsApp group links.


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