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Reddit was the best place to collect live football match links for several years. But right after Reddit decided to takedown copyright materials, all of the live link sharing subreddit pages including soccerstream was taken down. It was the biggest page on the internet which shares acestream links and direct links of each and every football match just before the kickoff. After the takedown of the page, many similar subreddit pages was live and disappeared quickly. This was due to strict action taken by Reddit team to hunt down illegal streaming activities.

Even though the pages were taken down, Acestream was still the first choice for streaming matches. This is because Acestream can provide high-quality videos without any buffering if there are enough seeders on the network. A couple of Acestream link sharing websites popup right after /r/soccerstream takedown. Asoplisting and acelisting were popular among them and both of them are not working now.

So the next option is to rely on websites that offer live streaming. But there are many issues related to such services. First of all, the bandwidth and buffering. During a match time, the website servers can’t predict how many people use their service. So if there are more people, you may feel buffering in between streaming videos. Next problem is popup ads and adware. These websites might have popup ads and other adware programs for generating income. So may have to close many pages to start streaming a match.


Footyroom – What all services are they providing?

Footyroom is an all in one page for football lovers. It is not just a page that updates live Soccer score. It is more than that. Following are the services providing by website.

#1:- Highlights of Champions League and Premier League

There are many football match highlights which are not available on YouTube. Due to copyright issues or violations, YouTube removes them. Also, there will be highlights of matches which is taken using a mobile camera. In such cases, you can make use of footyroom highlight service to watch high-quality soccer highlights. They upload an HD quality highlight videos, right after every match ends. You don’t have to register or sign in to use this service. It is free for all users.

#2:- Option to purchase Designer Apparel

footyroom apparel

They have a shopping section attached to their website. You can purchase football-related items from that webpage. mostly they offer team jerseys. They can ship the items to all European countries and some of the other countries outside Europe. It may take approximately 1 to 3 working days to complete the delivery in Europe and up to 10 days to other countries. Apart from jersey, they also offer to purchase of FIFA game coins for cheap price from verified sources.

#3:- Footyroom Forum for making Football Discussion

You can share your views and ideas or any other Football related pieces of stuff on footyroom forum page. For that, you need to register a free account on their website. There will be interesting discussions going about topics like Transfer rumors, Football memes, football news, Euro cup, and other football-related topics. Since all the members are football fans, you will get a reply very quickly after your post is approved. Your doubts, predictions, analysis everything will be taken seriously by other forum members. Forums are strictly monitored against spam links and illegal streaming of football matches. If you ever try to post such works, you will get an instant ban.

#4:- Football Tips – Helpful if you are interested in betting sports

Many people have registered on this website only for making football predictions. Using the website, you can watch the betting event going on and you can participate if you want. FootyRoom Predictor is a parimutuel betting game where the bettings are done using virtual points. Your score is updated not only based on the correct prediction, but also by measuring risk when odds are right. If you are interested in this betting game, it doesn’t mean that you need to participate in every game. There are two types of prediction. Correct score and correct outcome. Your winning points will be decided by how accurately you predicted both the outcomes.

#5:- Footyroom supports Live Scores and Transfer News

Footyroom Soccer Live Streaming

You will get live football news and realtime transfer details from footyroom website. Player transfer details include player name, team, and the price for the transfer. They also include the official page for getting more details about the transfer. You can get transfer deals related to premiere League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga.


Footyroom is a great place for football fans and lovers. Apart from live scores and news, they offer a forum and game highlights. If you didn’t find any Football video on YouTube of Dailymotion, come back to footyroom and enjoy the game event.

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