10 Benefits of using Laptops in the Classroom – Make Classes Interactive

Nowadays, Information technology plays an important role in everyone’s personal life. For students, the Internet and laptops are an important part of their study material. With the help of a laptop and relevant computer programs, students can boost their mental, verbal and physical activities which results in learning of lecture materials and theory sessions more easily. Every day, there will be new software or hardware coming to the market. This helps students for better communication and education. These modern technologies have a great influence on their personal and professional development.

For example, a few years ago, students borrow their friend’s notebooks for taking notes if they were absent for classes. But nowadays, they share their notes through Whatsapp, Emails, Skype, etc. Whatsapp is a great option to share notes but many parents won’t allow their children to use a mobile phone during studies. Instead, they provide them a computer or a laptop. Many schools have now migrated to smart classrooms which equally helps teachers and students for better training.

Advantages of using Laptops in the Classroom

How a Laptop is helpful for Students and Teachers in a classroom?

Following are a few advantages of using Laptops in a classroom:

  • Variety of ways to present information:- Information can be presented in many ways. Through images, videos, graphs, charts or through presentation tools like Powerpoint.
  • A high degree of clarity:- It is very easy to convey an idea using multimedia contents. For example, students will get more clarity if they watch a video instead of an image or text.
  • Ability to display different types of objects and processes:- This is another important advantage of computers. You can create many complex objects and processes easily using the latest software.
  • Saving time to explain any material to students:- As we mentioned above, using particular software, it will be very easy to explain complex contents to students.
  • Organization of collective and individual research work:- Students can organize their works if it is done using a computer. For example, by using word processing software, they can add headers, footers, proper numbering, spacing, etc.
  • Differentiation of tasks depending on the ability of the students:- Not all students have the same ability. Teachers can provide various digital resources for students who need more support. This helps the students to improve themselves in all aspects.
  • Quick control and assistance from the teacher:- Teacher can send study notes to students even more easily. A softcopy of a lecture note can easily distribute among the students.

It is also very helpful for students to complete their assignments. Many teachers ask students to write assignments and projects. They can refer the internet for necessary information but plagiarism is not allowed. Also, there should not be many grammar mistakes.  By using a laptop and internet, students can refer to online essay writing service to check grammar mistakes and duplicate contents while preparing research or assignments.

Laptops in the Classroom can change Students in the following ways

In the process of learning with the help of interactive computer technologies, a student learns to work with text, create graphics objects and databases, use spreadsheets. A student learns new ways to collect information and learns to use them. When using these smart technologies in the classroom, the interest in learning is increased and thus the cognitive skills. Laptops along with interactive technologies open up new opportunities in the field of education, for both educational activities and students work.

It should be mentioned that nowadays no student could live without having a smartphone or laptop. But they should also use these products for educational purpose. There are five points to pursue with laptop usage in classrooms:

  1. The development of interest in any disciplines studied.

Today, it is quite hard to make students study without lighting a spark in their minds. modern technologies such as laptops, multimedia, special learning apps are improving to work with students interest.

  1. The desire to learn.

No desire means students will just waste their time without success rate.

  1. Overcoming obstacles.

Laptops in the Classroom helps to solve and understand more complex tasks according to the principle “from easy to complicated”.

  1. Positive outcome.

Among these points, a positive outcome is the important one. When a student is capable enough to perform in a real-world situation, it means their study was successful. Laptops and modern technologies can contribute a lot for getting a positive outcome from a student.

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