[Solved] Fix “Your sim card played a tone” Flash Message on iPhone

Most of the iPhone users may have seen the alert message “Your sim card played a tone” at least once. This is quite often happening on all iPhone models. Like the alert says, this flash message is sent from your mobile operator. Now you might think, why should we get rid of these flash message alerts if it is coming from the mobile operator. Here is the real problem. If you accidentally click on the Accept option on the flash alert, you may start receiving promotional or spam messages from your operator. By clicking the accept option, you all giving privilege to your operator to send messages.

There are further reasons to stop these messages. If you accept the message, paid services may activate on your SIM card. Thus you may lose extra bucks from your mobile balance. Moreover, these kinds of flash message popup continuously and also vibrate your phone. You will run out of battery change for sure. So it is very important to deactivate “Your sim card played a tone” alert message.

How to Permanently stop “Your sim card played a tone” Flash Message on iPhone?

It is very easy to stop this flash message on your iPhone. Follow the instructions below to deactivate it.

Step 1:- Go to Settings on your iPhone. There you can see Mobile Data. Click on mobile data.

Step 2:- There you can see many options. Among them, click on SIM applications.

Step 3:- You will see a couple of SIM applications there. Your job is to stop the service. Click on the Service.

Step 4:- There you will the option to START/STOP. Click on that option.

deactivate flash message on iPhone

Step 5:- Now Click on STOP option. Now you will see another Flash message asking CANCEL/ACCEPT.

iphone Your sim card played a tone with vibration

Step 6:- Click on ACCEPT and again click on STOP to permanently remove “Your sim card played a tone” Flash Message.

Your sim card played a tone


If you are receiving a flash message on your iPhone, it is better to stop it. This is because if you accidentally accept the service, you may start receiving promotional spam messages from your operator or you may unintentionally subscribe for paid services. Continues receiving of this flash message definitely reduce the battery power.

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