Top 5 Website Builders for Musicians in 2020 – Create Stunning Websites

For putting up a website online, nowadays no specific skill set is required. Even, knowledge about coding is not a necessary criterion anymore. However, for a budding musician, who wants to showcase his or her talent, setting up a website might need a few typical features.

The primary thing is, a musician will need to upload their music and they should be able to share it to other people without much of a hassle. For the musicians who want to get hired, the websites should also contain an option of booking or the provision of forms for contact or application online. Also, the running of a website means one will also need the domain name support or a record for the visitors to the page and related stuff.

Therefore, before picking up a website builder for musicians, these are few points to look for. Keeping these in mind, there are 5 top music site builders listed below.

Best 5 Website Builders for Musicians to showcase music

#1:- NING – Create a social network that rocks

Website Builders for Musicians to showcase music

There are so many different ones available at decent prices, and you should find the thing that works for you. For example, if you are a musician and plan to share your own music with the world, use a music site builder that will allow you to reach the right people.

NING can be considered as the ultimate solution for building websites for musicians. There is basically everything available that is required to make the website building a sure successful one.

The customizations are pretty detailed and a website can be fully made according to the preference of the user. There are a lot of features available as well, which include the improvement of the functionality of the website and which allows the sharing of the content easily.

The security is also pretty tight, with the personal data of the user being completely safe. Managing the content is also pretty easy, and it is directly in the hand of the user.

Support is also available in case of any help is needed. Also for monetizing the website, one can use paid membership, paid access or donations.


  • The musicians can promote them in social media.
  • Online interaction can be done easily.
  • The musicians can make lots of money by properly implementing access to their music.
  • Helps to keep an active connection with the followers.


  • The user cannot choose the servers or host the network.

#2 Bandzoogle – Band Websites that Work

This is one of the best website builder services that are designed specifically for the musicians. This website can be a great service for the bands and the musicians, and it has almost all of the necessary tools required for creating a good and successful music website. The users can upload their musical tracks freely and the visitors to the page can even stream them directly. Tracks can be organized into singles or albums, as per the choice.

Blog updates can be provided for the followers as well, and building the site is really very simple. A video diary or a blog, whatever the user wants to use, it is there. Even though the working is really simple, it has a professional touch to it and one can be assured that they will be satisfied with the website created. A lot of themes are there, along with connectivity to nearly all the social media accounts. For an extra, one can even sell direct tickets through this service.


  • Users can sell merchandise, tickets, and music.
  • All social media accounts can be connected for sharing.


  • The theme editor is not very much flexible.

#3: Tumblr – express yourself, discover yourself

When considered in a conventional sense, Tumblr is not really featured as a website builder. But on the broad sense, especially for musicians, it can be considered as one of the best website builders that offers a lot of services completely free of cost. The main essence of Tumblr is that it is also a social media platform with the option of blogging in it, and this can be an added bonus for the budding musicians looking to spread the attention.

Files up to a size of 10 MB can be shared every day, which can be viewed online very easily, without any sort of plug-ins. Also, posts, videos, links, and texts can be shared. There is a service where the website pages are supported as well, and there is also the provision of supporting the domain names. The themes and the customizations are pretty handy too, if not the best. Overall, the services that are required for a musician to run the website is all there and the best thing is that one does not need to pay money for those services. One can however always pay extra and use the higher tier services as well, depending upon their choice.


  • The interface is very simple and easy to use.
  • The basic services are all free to use.


  • There is the absence of a featured site editor.

#4: Music Glue – e-commerce platform for Musicians

One of the most reliable website builders for musicians, the Music Glue mainly focuses on the business aspect of the music. As a result, the users get a better insight into the ticketing and marketing of music and videos, along with the sale tips and techniques regarding merchandise as well. The pricing system is way different than the other website builders providing the same service and takes a straight 10% of any products sold. It does not have a regular fee. This is good because, in the initial stages, people often fail to get the desired attention. The expenditure thus gets a significant cut. Apart from that, support of domain names, customizing the website with themes and effects and everything is there.


  • This is one of the best website building sites when it comes to e-commerce at a professional level.
  • The website gets a well-known


  • It is not very much versatile in providing options regarding the site building.

#5: Difymusic – DO IT FOR YOUR MUSIC


This website builder has one of the best interactive services, and can easily set up a platform where all the social media sites can get connected very easily. Additionally, the uploading is very easy, as it uses a lot of recognized plug-ins. The basics are mainly free, but for using the higher e-commerce facilities, payment has to be done. The themes are quite decent and the effects are limited but have quality. For setting up a website quickly while focusing on the music, Difymusic can be an asset.


  • The website can be set up quickly and in a simple manner.
  • Adding social media is very easy.


  • The editing options are limited.

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