YesMovies Alternatives 2020 – Similar Movie streaming websites

People regularly use YesMovies to watch contents online. Yes, the website has features to amuse anybody. It enables users to watch and download contents for free. The videos range from different categories. Movies to online series, there are plenty in YesMovies. Also, TV shows can be viewed in YesMovies for free. Additionally, it is also a perfect option for downloading contents. Even though the website is gaining popularity, it has geographical restrictions. Non-affiliated third parties provide videos in YesMovies website. Hence, due to the above reasons, people are really searching for some alternatives. I guess this is my time to help those people. Here I include five best option to entertain yourselves. Surely, every substitute will make you happy.

YesMovies Alternatives

Top 5 YesMovies Alternatives to watch Free Movies

#1:- Solarmovie1

Solarmovie1 is the first pick as YesMovies Alternatives. It is one of the best replacement for YesMovies. The website offers features similar to YesMovies. The home page is simply amazing. First and foremost, it is very much user-friendly. Likewise, it brings perfection to the contents. Another point is the search box on the website. Because you get everything you need just by typing in the box. Additionally, the genre list is very vast for this website. As a result, once can choose from different categories. This is not limited to Action, drama, war, but even more.

While there are are other websites with years selection features, none of them are close to solarmovie1. You are allowed to choose from different years. Besides, it enables users to select contents by Nationality and even from recently added. However, the never-ending contents are not limited to movies. Users can choose from TV series also. Moreover, people can also select videos from the top-IMDB list. Finally, the website lists the contents which are watched most. Probably, this is a website which can allow users to send their feedback. Importantly, users can also subscribe to solarmovie1 for a better experience.

#2:- 01fmovies

Again I am with another interesting alternative for YesMovies. The website has a user-friendly interface. All you have to do is search in the home page box. One can watch tons of contents for free on this website. In construction, the website looks similar to the former one. However, this one has more high-quality videos. Also, users can choose from different genres. This list is very wast. Hence you will not lose any movies. Another interesting feature is, users can choose between countries. This is quite useful if you really need movies from a particular nation. Besides, there is a list of recent movies. This allows you to choose from the latest releases.

The website will not store any contents. Everything is from third parties. Just subscribe website to receive notifications. Moreover, users can choose from top IMDB and from the top watched list. One can also write feedback on the website. Likewise, the site owners guarantee the best performance. The sitemap feature is also very useful. Almost every content has very few ads. So you will not feel bad while watching videos. Tap the link below and enjoy a new experience of online movies.

#3:- StreamCr

This is my next selection for the YesMovies Alternatives. In the first place, the website is free to use. It is free to watch and download videos from this website. The design of the website is not similar to previous ones. Instead, the home page is a little busy with videos. You can find ten to fifteen videos on the home page itself. Sometimes, this is very useful. these videos fall in different categories. There is a search box on top to find every interesting content. The users will be given suggestions on the home page. Probably, you can find new releases here in this section. Most of them will be CAM prints. I suggest not to watch these types.

As you scroll down, you will find amazing categories to choose from. The first list is the latest movie category. Users can enjoy all of the recent releases here. The “latest” category is divided into two. In the first section, you can find new movies. The latter section deals with new TV series releases. Another point to talk about is the ads. To be frank, the website has very few ads. I am quite sure, the gaining popularity of the website depends on this. If you want to have a different experience, StreamCR is a nice option. You can also join the discussions by signing up.

#4:- Gomovies

This website resembles similar to the first three websites. The design and structure are almost the same. First and foremost, the search tab of the website is very efficient. Unlike other websites, here you can search for people associated with the film industry. The categories to choose from are simply superb. The trending list on the website is regularly monitored for a better result. It seems like the best list is here. Now Playing list is also same as the trending category. One can get everything new from these lists.

The top IMDB list comes with everything. This collection is very much amazing. The website has both TV-series as well as movies in the top IMDB category. In addition to this, the genre list is very vast. Movies and shows under the family category to horror, the collection is never-ending. The genre also includes the erotic category. But never be worried, it does not work. Hence one can watch with kids too. Lastly, users can also choose movies and TV shows according to country. Also, the A-Z list collection will help you get every content on the website.

#5:- Megashare

This website is my last pick for YesMovies Alternatives. Megashare website can be a great alternative to YesMovies. It is an amazing website for movie lovers. It allows users to watch movies online for free. The website offers contents from different platforms. There are two search boxes for this website which is similar in action. Honestly, I don’t understand why they have it. One can log in to the website for a better experience. The genre category includes action, romance, war, science fiction, mystery, and many more. But the list of countries is very few. You can only find movies from nine different nations.

The movies list is updated once in a day. So you can find the latest releases in this list. This feature is not only limited to movies but also is extended to TV series list. There is a category which is dedicated to only new episodes. I would say, it is quite reliable. Users can get every fresh content in high quality. Furthermore, one can also choose from the release date of movies. The list starts from 2004 and ends in 2018. Additionally, users can request specific contents. They dedicated website team will respond very quickly. The quality, quantity, and the user-friendly structure attract many users to this website. Have a look at it in the link below.


These five websites are my best pick as YesMovies Alternatives. I am very sure that these sites can be a good alternative to YesMovies. The humongous collection and the quality are trademarks of these websites. It is certain that users will get everything of their interest from these websites. I cannot ask my readers to follow one among the list. It is because our tastes are different. But, I am a great fan of Gomovies because of its structured platform and very few ads. Anyways, every website will fulfill your need and will serve as the best substitute for YesMovies. Comment us if you find something interesting other than the list. Also, criticize us if you find any fault in the list of websites.

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