Vumoo Alternatives – 10 websites to Watch Free Movies Online

There is no one in the world waiting watching favorite movies. Thanks to the online movie streaming websites created. After all, these developed sites provide a great set of movie collection. To put it in another way, it is now easy for users to watch movies online. There are various websites providing this feature. Out of which, Vumoo has taken the minds of people. It is one of the best explored till now. They are extremely popular because of the movie collection, quality and more. Additionally, Vumoo also has an astounding design and updates. But in recent years people are in search of its alternatives.

Notably, it is quite difficult to find the best replacements for Vumoo. But one cannot argue that it is impossible. With this in mind, I have listed some substitutes for this amazing website. There is a huge collection of the same in the market. Most of these sites provide utmost comfort in online streaming. I personally feel, working on the same stuff is not a sign of a good internet user. Occasionally, one has to go for other websites offering the same features. But if you face any problem in finding alternatives, this article will certainly help you. Let’s have a look at them.

Vumoo Alternatives

Top 10 Vumoo Alternatives to watch Movies and TV Shows

#1. Haloa Movies

This is going to be my hot pick from all the streaming websites. Like I said, to find a deputy for Vumoo is a little tedious job. But if there is any site which has a close resemblance, it is Haloa movies. The designing of the website is almost similar to Vumoo streaming website. According to its developers, user-friendly interface is the feature that can attract the audience. For this reason, they have made the design and interface so smooth. As a result, one would feel they are in the hands of Vumoo website. Users will not feel much difference while using Haloa movies. Moreover, Haloa has a plethora of movie collection to choose from. Have a check on it for some bewildering experience.

#2. My Download Tube

My Download tube also offers a tough competition towards of Vumoo alternatives. This has to be the one you are searching for. Even though they are late to the race, they are having a close battle in terms of features. For example, the huge collection of movies can amuse any users. To be sure with, the website will not ask you to sign up to enjoy movies. One can search in the box and can watch the same whenever needed. Additionally, the website has an exquisite user-friendly interface. It is important to realize that the movie qualities are also stunning. On the negative side, users are not able to download movies upon their wish. This is not a matter of fact when other features are quite astounding.

#3. Solar Movie

Solar Movie website is a gift to the users who love to watch movies online. Developers have made it easy for users to watch, download movies and flicks of your interest. They have made this explicitly clear with the user-friendly interface. Either you are in search of the latest movies or old classics, Solar Movie provides all of them. That is to say, users will certainly get what they desire. An interactive and interacting design of the website is also thrilling. For the same reason, one may find browsing on this site quite easy. Another key point is that the site has very less annoying ads. Thus, the website guarantee users comfort. Overall, the website can operate so swiftly and has higher picture quality.

#4. Vioozhd

Vioozhd is yet another best alternative for Vumoo website. The website has a stunning list of world-class movies. No matter what genre you are looking for, Vioozhd has everything. Interestingly, users can search by years of a movie release. This helps one find movies of a particular year. Moreover, the search filter option is quite amazing. It is important to note that the website allows searching by country and by genres. The website tries to provide all movies and TV shows released. With this intention in mind, the allow users to provide a request for a particular show. However, a user should have an account to do so. The sites even work for a largely sized movie too.

#5. Full Movies Free Download

Fullmoviesfreedownload is a creative website which can serve as the best auxiliary for Vumoo. This is a devoted website for online movie watchers. However, the website gives more attention to new releases. Truly, they provide American Hollywood movies with supreme quality. The audio quality is also surprisingly amazing. The key point to note that is this website has the best collection of action, comedy and horror movies. Additionally, they also deliver a haste downloading of the contents. On the positive side, any user can watch movies for free from this website. Users can also connect via twitter, facebook, and google plus with this website.

#6. DivxCrawler

DivxCrawler is my next pick as a Vumoo alternatives. This can be considered one of the best sites for watching movies online. Along with offering movies and video, they also share software, music clips, and audio files. One can easily consider this website as the most reliable source for secure movie downloading. The first thing to remember is that the website developers update the sites regularly. As a result, it is easy for users to find new movies and shows. Particularly, users do not need to click on any advertisements to download movies. It is all simple with DivxCrawler. In addition to this, there is no need to sign up for enjoying movies of your interest.

#7. Watch Series

As the name indicates, Watch Series is an online entertainment website. They enable you to watch TV shows and episodes. Basically, the website concentrates more on TV episodes rather than movies. So if you are a die-hard fan of movie series, certainly you have to try this website. It has got some astounding features to offer. The user-friendly interface is just exquisite. As a result, the website attracts people to watch a movie if they are in. Moreover, the site allows disabling Adblock if users are facing any difficulty using the site. Watch Series is free of charge and you do not need to pay at all. Users do not require to produce any credit card information while watching links on this website.


#8. Ice Films

It is yet another Vumoo alternative that attracts an audience with powerful features. It gives all sort of stimulation for the users. The range starts with music, extends to films and documentaries too. Notably, every stuff that you get from this website is sequentially arranged. One finds no difficulty in accessing the contents of the website. There are updates regularly on the website. Furthermore, every new release is given a direct link on the website. Hence, it is quite easy for people to find the latest shows and movies. Importantly, there are links given to the latest episodes, shows, and movies on the left side of the homepage. Of course, there are ads, but this will not stand as a hurdle in your entertainment.

#9. Yes Movies

You definitely have to visit Yes Movies if you are in search of Vumoo alternative. Well, it is the fast surfing substitute for Vumoo website. Interestingly, they have a vast collection of movies and TV shows in high definition quality. Clearly, this website is a solution to enjoy videos for free. Additionally, the website has a very simple layout. Hence, finding your taste is quite easy in Yes Movies. Explicitly, I can say the site asks your mind to say, “Yes to Movies” for sure. Moreover, there is hardly any buffering if you are enjoying your favorite show at this site.  Every movie will load instantly and for the same reason, users will love this particular site.

#10. Moviezion

This is going to be my last pick as a substitute for Vumoo online streaming site. Moviezion is a sharing website and users can find top-rated shows here. To begin with, the site does not host contents in its servers. They have the biggest online movie collection. To enumerate, the database is quite big as it has almost 20K movies to deal with. This number is climbing daily. Above all, the site is simply free and users are not asked to submit credit card details. In reality, the website is updated every hour and new versions of movies are added regularly. One can watch movies with high quality with this website.


I think there is a big list to choose from. However, any selection from the list will be a perfect match for any online movie watchers. All websites are well equipped with powerful features like Vumoo. Go for a try at each website to get the one of your taste. Use the websites efficiently. Now its time to grab a popcorn and enjoy movies on your device. Don’t forget to let me know other Vumoo alternatives in the comment box.

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