Akinator unblocked – How to Access the game at School, college & Office?

Once you play the game akinator, you will never forget its name. Akinator is an online game developed by a French company Elokence. The game is based on an old kids game known as Twenty questions in which the Anchor asks few questions and predict which character the player is thinking. Here the game asks questions which is related to the previous one and sorts out its answer database. After asking a series of questions (normally 10-30 questions) the system will predict which character you are thinking.

This is really a nice game to play especially with friends. Using the Akinator website or mobile app, you can ask a serious of questions to your friends and surprise them with the answers. If your friend is thinking some popular character, then akinator can easily find the answer with less than 15 questions. If the character is not much popular, again it asks some more questions. Anyway, there will be a positive result in the end.

Akinator unblocked - How to Access the game at School, college & Office

Why Akinator Blocked in School, College University and office?

I know that you already know the answer. Akinator is an online game which is so addictive. If it is open to students, they will play the game instead of doing something creative. There are many content filtering software available in the market. Using these software tools, web admin can easily filter the content passing through the network. Not only games but also certain website like social media sites, pornographic sites, video streaming services will be there in the list.

These websites do not contain any educational values or useful information and therefore, they have the right to block them. Also, students won’t misuse the available resources. The is the same for both colleges and offices. At the office, the office head is forced to block these kinds of service to increase the work time. If such opportunities are available for the employees, they might use it during the working hours.

How to unblock Akinator? Two possible solutions

There are a lot of possible ways to block a website or a service. You can add the website to the host file to block them, you can add URL in router settings to block them, you can use content filtering tools to block them and so on. Among them, URL block using the host file is the popular one. If it is so, you can follow the solution 1 to solve it. If the restrictions are using the router or content filtering tools, you can go for the second solution.

However, I am not 100% confident. Sometime both the solutions won’t work. Anyway, try your luck.

#1:- Remove Akinator URL from the Host file

If you are using a Windows system, there will be a host file. This is an OS file which maps hostnames to IP addresses. I am not confusing you anymore with the technical terms. Just do a Google search for more details about host file. So if a website URL is added against the IP address, you won’t able to access it. So follow the steps below to check whether akinator website is in the host list.

Step 1:- Run Notepad using the administrator privilege.

Step 2:- Open host file located at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\

Step 3:- Check akinator website is listed there. If so, remove the line and save the file.

As I mentioned above, you will see the akinator URL in host file only if your web admin blocks it by the host. If not go for the second solution.

#2:- Unblock Akinator using 4everproxy Website

You may already know that you can unblock websites using proxies and VPN. VPN won’t work here because you will probably do not have the permission to install additional software on the school and office systems. So the next possible option is to use proxy websites. Unfortunately, not all proxy sites work for akinator. We found a proxy website which works perfectly for akinator.

Step 1:- Go to 4everproxy website.

Step 2:- Type akinator website URL there. Akinator URL is https://en.akinator.com.

Akinator unblocked

Step 3:- Click Go to continue.

Now the blocked akinator website will display there. You can continue playing the game by clicking the Play button.

NB:- Since you are using a proxy website, you will feel a couple of seconds delay in displaying next questions. Anyway, this will work perfectly compared to other proxy websites.


You can unblock websites using VPN or using proxy websites. But if you are using school or office system, you may not have the permission to install third-party tools. So the remaining option to unblock website is using proxy sites. Unlike other websites, you can’t unblock akinator official website using proxies. Here, after a long research, we found 4everproxy which can unblock akinator game.

If you know any other solution, please comment it below. Also if these methods work for you, please do a comment.

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