New dare select any 1 Whatsapp Message – Here are the Details

If you ever be a part of any WhatsApp groups, you may have seen different kinds of WhatsApp games. One member will shoot a question and each member of that group was asked to reply an answer. Among these types of questions, WhatsApp Dare Questions highly popular. The task will be to select any characters, numbers or emojis from a message and to post it with courage. When almost all the members in the group posted a reply, the person who asked the question will reply what their selection means or what they have to do next based on their answer.

“New dare select any 1” is one such Whatsapp message which currently being circulating among Indian Whatsapp groups. You will ask to select one emoji from a group of emojis in a WhatsApp message. Based on your selection, he/she will ask to do a particular task.

New dare select any 1 Whatsapp SMS Answers

New dare select any 1 WhatsApp Message Question

Following is that particular WhatsApp message. If you want to copy it, you can do it.

New dare select any 1!!

🎩 👑 👒 👟 🎀 💎

🎍 💣 🔫 📀 🔑 💊

✏ ⚓ 🔱 🍺 🍔 🍧

🍫 🍷 🍦 🍕 🎂 🍉

🍩 🍝 🍇 🍭 💍 🎓

❤ 📝 🍰 🍒

Jo aayega wo karna padhega Only reply if u can !

Whatever it comes, you should do it. Reply only if you can do that task. Since this is a challenging question, most people like to reply to it. But they would like to know the answers before they do a reply. Don’t worry. Here are the answers to this question and you can give a wise reply to this daring game.

New dare select any 1 Whatsapp SMS Answers

The sender may change the game answers. However, the following answer sets are the common one. Check the answers before you do a reply.

  1. 🎩- You should send the audio of a funny sound that you can make.
  2. 👑- You should send your lover photo.
  3. 👒- You will ask to send your family picture.
  4. 👟- You need to gift a dress.
  5. 🎀- You should keep his/her photo as dp.
  6. 💎- Be my gf/bf for four days.
  7. 🎍- Recharge my number for 200 Rs.
  8. 💣- Send me your worst selfie.
  9. 🔫- Mention my name on your WhatsApp status 3 times this week.
  10. 📀- Tell me your biggest secret.
  11. 🔑- Recharge me for 100 rs today itself.
  12. 💊- You should sing a song clearly and loudly and send an audio clip.
  13. ✏- Tell me you love me.
  14. ⚓- Send me a voice clip saying “I am a crack”
  15. 🔱- Tell me your worst secret.
  16. 🍺-  Block everyone except me
  17. 🍔- You should tell your current crush name.
  18. 🍧- Call me and tell me I hate you soo much
  19. 🍫- Change your Whatsapp dp as my picture for one day.
  20. 🍷- Add my name to your Whatsapp Status telling that I am the best.
  21. 🍦- Send me 5 friendship message.
  22. 🍕- Give me a hug when we meet each other.
  23. 🎂- Send me “I LOVE YOU” 101 times.
  24. 🍉- Change your status and mention that you love me.
  25. 🍩- Give me a kiss when we meet each other.
  26. 🍝- Buy me an ice cream.
  27. 🍇- Sing a song and send me the audio.
  28. 🍭- Tell me one of your secrets.
  29. 💍- Call me and Say I love you
  30. 🎓- Change your dp and make it as my picture.
  31. ❤- Change your status telling that you miss me. (Mention my name)
  32. 📝- Kiss your phone
  33. 🍰- Change your status that “I am engaged”
  34. 🍒- Change your dp and make it as my picture for 1 day.

Once again I would like to mention that, the answers to this question may change. However, this is the basic one and most common one.

We are ready to add your own dare games here. If you have any games similar to this, please comment it below or use the contact form. If it is really interesting, we will add it to this website with appropriate credits.

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