LimeTorrents Unblocked 2020 – Best Proxies and Alternatives

Over the past few decades, it is so popular among people to download torrents. These torrent files include movies, games, anime, music, and many more. There are many active websites that feature this option. Lime torrent is at the top of the list. To elaborate, lime torrent is a website where you can find and download plenty of torrent files. If you consider the popularity of the website, I can say this one stands right after 1337x. Here in lime torrents users can find over 10 million active torrent files. This is a great achievement that the competitors failed to secure. Having said that, lime torrents is simple and easy to use website which never compromises for big content. Moreover, the search box on the homepage delivers everything faster and most efficiently.

Let us discuss some features of the website that can amuse any of its users. It’s because of these characteristics, the website is even popular in the online platform. Firstly, the website has a nice design which is really easy to manage. To put it in another way, there are many icons on the platform which takes you directly to your favorite contents. Besides, you can find a complete list of recent torrents in ascending order once you tap any of the icons. For example, users can find recent torrents related to Anime, movies, TV shows, games, and much more. Users can also create their own account on the website with an email id and password. This helps for better integration within the website as a whole. Altogether, the initiative is a decent innovation where users can find videos and audios of their interest with ease.

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Top 3 Mirror and Proxy Websites of LimeTorrents

There are many interesting facets to lime torrents other than listed before. But I am making it short. Nevertheless, the website also has some downside as well. The most predominant one is the low sed-to-peer ratio that you can achieve. For instance, if you try to download an old torrent, it can take a bit longer compared with a new one. Although the contents will be downloaded eventually on your system. Additionally, the websites are also not available in some parts of the world. Who can withstand this restriction? So the idea of proxies and alternatives came up. Here in the following section, we discuss the great proxy websites to lime torrents.

#1:- – LimeTorrents Unblocked Website

There are many proxy websites to lime torrents. If you don’t have access to, you can use these mirror websites to download torrent files. The most common among the proxies is The website is similar in its name and in performance as well. Once you click the link, you will be directed to the parent website of lime torrents. You can enjoy all the very same features offered by the parent website. can be considered as the official proxy URL to the lime torrent. Once you click on the below link, you can enter the lime website. From there one can download files with ease. Even if your school, university, the country have blocked this amazing website, can provide you the same quality. Similar to, one can also try as well.

#2:- – best LimeTorrents Alternative

Another alternative or mirror website to is This one is an additional working link for the lime torrent parent website. Likewise the above website, is also an official proxy website. This website is useful when you are facing geographical restrictions on browsing. In most cases, users on the internet will face some location-wise problems in loading content. Proxies help you to get rid of these dilemmas. Now the contents and features are available to everyone around the world. Anime, music, apps, games, movies, and much more are available while using this mirror website. Apart from this, will also do the same job. The link to the website is given below.

#3:- – Working Limetorrents Proxy Website

My last pick up for the best working proxies to lime torrents will be This website works very similarly to the other websites above. Above all, one can access to each and every property of lime torrents through this website. Users will not lose anything even if you use this mirror website. Like the name indicates, the website work in most parts around the globe. I will suggest my users to start trying with this proxy one the parent website is not working. Moreover, this is a safe way to use torrent websites. It doesn’t have any malware infections. The link to the website can be found below.


It is common to browse the website to find torrent files of different categories. But sometimes, only a few websites offer a handful of features. One of them is Lime torrents. Different factors made the website popular among the web world. However, geographical restrictions introduced to restrict access and proxies emerged. Here we have listed three best mirror websites available. Hence I would suggest my readers go through them if you face any problems. Besides, if you have any other options available please utilize the comment section effectively.

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