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Yes, I can very well understand the frustration of yours, when you are an on at this website looking for Google Finance Portfolio alternative. For almost 2-3 months, it was the same situation for me too. And now I have found the best three alternatives which can very well be a superlative to the outdated Google Finance Portfolio. Now, I am sure my readers will be doubtful about the fact that why I was not coming up with a substitute for the damn google finance portfolio. The question is genuine and the answer is simple and vivid, as I was research of the best replacement, and cheer up I have included the supreme ones which can amuse you with the features that they offer. It is now easy to track the stocks you own,  can have a close look at the other potential stocks you are interested in, stock news, and company earnings calls. It has now become facile to track the performance of investments you have sold. The following are going to be the ideal auxiliary for the google finance portfolio.

Best Google Finance Portfolio alternative in 2018

#1:- Wallmine

Yes, Wallmine provides you with interesting features to play with. A stock screener, a market map, which portrays current price changes and volume, are some among from the endless list that wallmine offers. With the aid of a stock screener and cryptocurrency screener, one can use the vast range of technical and fundamental criteria to perceive profitable stocks and cryptocurrencies. You can also compare and contrast specific holdings with each other. The heat maps, insider tracking, extended data, and news are available for each and every screen. You can visualize your investments very easily.  By zooming in and out and exploring each cell, you can view the performance of the stocks, entire markets, and sectors.

It has become possible for users to visualize the diversification by exploring the distinction between, industries, sectors or countries. Additionally, in a single portfolio, one can track the entire stocks and cryptocurrencies. What I meant by easy insider trading is that it is possible for everyone to browse recent SEC with just four filings. The feature of heat maps allows the users. Everyone will love if notifications related to your interested are updated on perfect time, isn’t it? Then its time for you people to choose wallmine as it sends you punctual notifications on price move and thereby you can save time from a busy schedule. Moreover, related to your holdings and relevant to your target, wallmine will review the latest headlines and thus your life will be easy before personal computers. In addition to all these features, users can also interact and watch advanced charts or advanced technical indicators. Thus the usability of wallmine, makes the real difference along with the navigation speed and user interface and can be the hot pick from my list.

#2:- Sharesight

My next pick from the market will be share sight and it is one of the best stock portfolio trackers for investors. The features that sharesight offers, allows you to understand precisely how the investments are going. It can make you happen to throw away the spreadsheet usage with the features it delivers to its users. Basically, it is like a nuisance to keep track of investments that you hold. But with the aid of sharesight, it has now become extremely simple and easy. If you want your updates holding automatically, with performance reporting and comprehensive tax, you can very well be a part of sharesight community. So everything is wrapped up in a fully online system, and that’s sharesight very briefly to you.

google finance portfolio alternative

it is now easy for you to track your dividends. What I mean by saying this is that, it is now very easy to import trading history. After this, what you have to do is to just sit back and relax. You can then get amused by how corporate actions such as stock splits, dividends are automatically assimilated. To know your true performance, you are permitted to understand on which manner investments are behaving on currency updates and daily price. Additionally, the powerful reports and e-mail notifications enable you to be updated with the market trends. The features that sharesight offers are worth both time and money saving.  Within a few clicks, it has now become easy to share access to your tax reports and portfolio with your accountant. When talking about pricing, it is free for your first ten holdings and then you have to pay for to choose premium plans thereby you can enjoy additional features and can unlock advanced features.

#3:- Alphatrackr

Yet another comprehensive investment portfolio, which helps to track your investments and monitor, follow and analyze stocks in one place. It is easy for you to build and manage investments with the aid of alphatrackr. The performance of various investment strategies can be tracked by building up multiple portfolios. You can start using alphatrackr, by just importing your CSV files that contain trades and holdings or else you can add data manually. It has now become easy for customers to monitor sectors, regions and individual instruments with an ease. You can get access to reports of companies to your portfolio, ie,  you can very well estimate the financials along with key figures. In addition to this, the risk assessment tool delivers help for you to find a suitable risk level.

An extensive report of your investment portfolios will help you to understand how it had performed against benchmark indices, cash flows, and commissions. The automatic reporting feature provides you with the report each month and week so that you can keep an eye on your favorite watchlists or stocks. Here in the following section I will go through some of the interesting features that alphatrackr delivers to its users. You can create multiple portfolios, the feature of receiving notifications and alerts whenever necessary, the stock selector tool which allows you to find new investment ideas, news feature to read the latest news of your investments and much more can amuse any of the users.


Ya, its all set and I am damn sure that the bests in the market are being shared with you. Now it’s your turn to choose from my lists. Don’t be frustrated with Google finance portfolio because anything listed can fulfill your dreams about investments and managing. Personally, I feel Sharesight is going to be a better alternative, but be good in picking one of your interest.

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