Top 5 Macro Recorder for Windows 10 – Automate your tasks for free

Are you people annoyed of doing repetitive tasks on your personal computer? I think all are, and that’s why you people are here to check the best macro automation software for windows. So where be it useful? Think of transferring a bulk amount of data from a spreadsheet into a Database Management system and you look for a programmer or a service provider to assist you in doing the job. But now as technology emerged, you can rely on macro recorder software to help you in achieving the task. Let me explain what it is.

A Macro recorder software is a tool that enables you to record monotonous actions on your computer like, mouse movements, clicks, keystrokes, etc. for playback future. Moreover, it helps you to record your basic automating tasks, and also allows you to perform a complex task like writing your own cultivated macro script for playback. A software sometimes can be free or may be paid, same the case with macro recorder too. But here in this article, I will help you to go in detail the best free macro automation software and pick one of your kind. Now avoid doing the tedious repetition jobs on your system.

Macro Recorder for Windows 10

Windows 10 macro recorder – Top 5 Automation software

#1. MacroMaker

So are you tired of doing the same work every day on your personal computer? I think MacroMaker can be a good answer to all your concerns regarding automation. MacroMaker helps you to create macros or recordings to automate most anything that you already do by hand on your computer. Most users will find it very easy right from the beginning in building complicated macros. It is kind of you to note that adding commands is a mere matter of using well-labeled pull-down menus or tapping buttons. The program makes it easy to record your keyboard press and mouse movements or you can even select one or the other.

All users can duplicate a series of keystrokes, mouse events, playback antecedent recordings of keystrokes and mouse events and execute some built-in functions with just a keystroke. Additionally, one can even store content from the clipboard in internal MacroMaker buffers for future use. Certainly, to perform repetitive tasks, this program will help you out tremendously and experienced users searching for a simple, freeware macro tool should give this a test.

#2. TinyTask

As the name of the software indicates, it is amazingly small in size of 33KB. Then you people might be thinking the features offered will be also too small, which means you are completely mistaken and this particular software can do much more. The user interface of TinyTask is too tiny and has got only six buttons to deal with: Open, Save, Record, Play, Compile, and Options, which include playback speed, hotkeys, and the ability to remember settings in INI files.

TinyTask will reiterate what you just did, no matter whether it’s to open file, folder, or program, steer to a Web site, or more convoluted sequences. Click “Save” and name the recording to run it later when required. TinyTask not only records and saves macros but also compiles them, turning your recorded macros into implementable programs. if you are not interested to mess around with a macro editor, TinyTask will be a great deal for you. Yes, it is small but effective and is recommended for everyone who wishes to automate computer actions.

#3. Perfect Automation

Perfect automation is another automation software for windows, which can surely save your time with increased productivity. It is a is a very powerful macro software that features with a script editor, launcher, scheduler and of course, keyboard and mouse recorder suitable for both beginners and advanced users You don’t need to install four individual applications for the functioning, but instead all the applications are consolidated together to form one discrete program. One can find over hundreds of pre-made scripts in the script editor that enables automate functions.

For easy execution, perfect automation creates standalone .exe files. It helps to automate routine operations like computer upkeep and startup actions without programming. Moreover, the programmers can create their own commands using Gentee programming language. Additionally, perfect automation software has the ability to record mouse events in relative coordinates instead of absolute.

#4. Macro Creator

Pulover’s Macro Creator is a totally free script generator and automation tool and which is based on AutoHotKey language. This provides users with multiple automation features, as well as a built-in recorder. You can very easily record your keystrokes, cursor movements and clicks respect to window or screen. With automatic window activation, reproduce your macros, pause and play them step by step. Now create multiple macros, run programs, read, copy and delete files, send texts, execute image searches, show message boxes, add loops and much more.

The software enables almost 200 commands and functions from basic to advanced automation needs and allows the usage of Control Commands to think and type on background windows. Additionally, it enables the use of functions to perform string and math operation. The software also helps to export your macros to working AHK scripts and it can even create if/Else statements to control the flow of macros. With a friendly and intuitive interface, it can do all your repetitive tasks to complex automation projects and can surely save your hours.

#5. AutoIt

Before I start, it is good to mention that AutoIt is a very powerful tool for Windows and will be difficult for the beginners. It has a BASIC-like syntax and hence it will be easy for those who are familiar with the high-level language. It comes with a customized “lite” version of SciTe that makes editing scripts very easy. The software is very small and standalone application with no reliance on massive run times like .NET or VB.

For this software, all the keyboard and cursor routines are extremely configurable in terms of both simulation speed and functionality. One can move, hide, show, resize, activate, close and do what they want with windows. Without the risk of keystrokes getting lost, interact with edit boxes, check boxes, list boxes, combos, buttons and status bars. It also helps you to create some complex Graphical User Interface.


As mentioned if you are a beginner and you need a quick, simple and easy to use macro. So I strongly suggest TinyTask for you as it has a very good user interface and more suitable for recording repetitive and short tasks. And if you are very good at high-level language and need more features you can very well go for AutoIt macro recorder. Pulover’s Macro Creator is also going to be a good selection if you are a beginner and also need some complex actions to be performed. It’s all up to you to find your needs and to select from the list to save your valuable time and energy.

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