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It is quite certain that most of us use front camera of our laptops to have video chat on Skype or some other social media apps. Sometimes we people take a selfie, send it to friends or rather enjoy the beauty of the photo taken, right? But is that only two things that we are capable of in manipulating the front camera of your device? I would have to say, definitely not! If you combine it with the right software, you can very create wonders with the front camera of your Windows device. You can exploit the humble webcam to take wide angle selfies with your family or can even use the same for surveillance if right software is selected.

To engineer the complete potential of your webcam on windows device, I have introduced some software that can amuse anybody using laptops. So please don’t waste time, go through this complete list and download one of your kind.

Best Webcam Software for Windows 

#1 Cyberlink Youcam 7

Cyberlink Youcam 7 is one of the feature rich webcam software and it takes full advantage of your webcam on Windows device by delivering the functionality of a complete live video studio. It comes with a full set of capture tools, face beautifier tools and over 200 fun effects for chatting and video recording. The software creates video presentations with narration and desktop animation, edits photos and videos, add special effects and filtering along with organizing photos and videos.

The calendar media feature displays your digital media with a timestamp and HD mirror feature turns your webcam and screen into a high definition mirror. Moreover, the software also gives efficient and simple to use security tools which include face login and surveillance. The surveillance feature allows you to keep an eye when you are not at the station. The software comes with a free version, Deluxe, and standard versions. Of course, features may vary and Deluxe version offers much more key things for a user.

Download Cyberlink

#2 ManyCam

It is a free software for video switching and serves as webcam software as it allows you to intensify video chats and helps to create stunning live streams on multiple platforms at the same time. You can record your screen, add many effects and create professional looking broadcasts on your favorite platforms. The software comes with a modular interface that enables you to mover tools around and brings your special ones in front. The all-new 3D face masks allow you have video chats and live streams in fun. The green screen feature allows you to replace screen background with any image, video or effect.

The software allows to simultaneously broadcast to multiple channels which means you can now live stream on multiple platforms. For your videos and broadcasts, the software allows to change your voice and allows to apply microphone effects. The custom watermark, Multiple-tier lower thirds, screencasting, picture in picture, media source switcher and the endless other features of the software makes it be one of the best picks among the webcam software.

Download Manycam

#3 Yawcam

Yawcam is yet another webcam utility software which extends the functionality and potential of the installed webcam on your Windows device. It is a java powered tool that records, manipulates, captures and streams from a connected camera. With the help of Yawcam software, features such as motion detection, streaming,  HTTP, FTP and file (save to file) can be activated without any trouble. One can share their webcam stream on a local IP address. The password protection feature that the software offers won’t allow unauthorized users to access your stream.

It allows you to broadcast your steam via HTTP, FTP or stream depending upon what your setup is and you have to note that for your FTP server FTP can be setup with proper credentials. It is easy for a user to configure the program to capture images if a movement is detected. This motion detection feature allows you to setup surveillance when you are not at home. Sensitivity levels and tolerance to motion detection can also be adjusted on Yawcam. The software can capture streams and can add effects to videos. So why don’t you try it?

Download Yawcam

#4 IP Camera Viewer

As mentioned you have to be confident about your need of keeping webcam software and for IP camera viewer the main application is to act as a surveillance detector. I would have to say this is the best software to connect to all cameras and track them all at a glance. It keeps an eye on your home, parking area office or wherever you have an IP camera. It can easily support almost 1800 different IP camera models so that it can represent an affordable solution for putting your living or working space under the vision of cameras.

You can individually configure camera resolution and frame rate as it has got neat and simple to use interface. Moreover, it allows you to set image features such as brightness, contrast & saturation for USB and IP Cameras. The software also allows you to adjust the orientation of camera preview much easily. One can basically cover their whole house, as IP camera viewer supports over four cameras simultaneously. You can also digitally zoom on an image with ease. So if you really wish to turn your system into surveillance cameras, this is going to be the best option.

Download IPcamera Viewer

#5 Splitcam

Webcam Software

This is my another best pick from the crowded market and is one of the best webcam software for windows. It enables you to add effects to the video chat so that you can make fun with your friends. You can also split your webcam video stream and you can use your webcam for several applications without receiving any ‘webcam busy’ error. The realistic 3D masks on your shoulder can imitate the real head movements to a great extent. The software allows video streaming, with all Splitcam features, to Ustream,, TinyChat, and other services in few clicks. Hence you can make your streaming flexible and bright.

Download SplitCamera

It enables you to stream webcam, video file, slideshow and desktop, either full or selected part of it. With this software, it is easy to connect to any IP camera and send it as a video source. Moreover, directly from the Spitcam window, you can record your video without special professional software and upload it to YouTube in a few taps. The software also allows to zoom the video with both keyboard and mouse and helps you to stream only the needed part of it. Grab the free software from this link below.


So these are my few best pick for free webcam software with a great potential to turn your webcam of Windows. Now, its all about you to choose the one which suits you well. If you ask me, I would say that the user like you must understand your needs. If you people are only looking for great surveillance feature, no doubt IP Camera Viewer can very well serve you. And in search of free feature-rich software, Splitcam would be a great deal for you. As a blogger, I am using IP Camera viewer as the demand for scrutiny is more. Download one of your kind and also let me know the other bests in the comment box.

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