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This article is for all movie lovers. I am sure about the issues that you face in choosing a movie website. Sometimes, you find a popular one. But it does not satisfy your needs. Also, in some cases, you will like to know alternatives to your favorite website. This can happen due to many reasons. Out of which, the common issue is concerning the geographical restrictions. For example, some websites are only available in Europe, some only in America, and so on. In those situations, people like us would like to know other replacements. Also, these substitutes should work better than the one we use now. Hence, we do search for different platforms which offer free contents. Of course, the Internet provides you a humongous list.

But to choose from them is tough for an amateur browser. However, I have made it pretty clear in this article about a few websites. The total of five detailed here will offer you the best experience compared to I would say these platforms can serve you even better than Spend a few minutes to find the best alternatives with our dedicated team.

Fmovies alternatives 2019

Fmovies alternatives 2020 – Similar websites like for movie streaming

#1: – Watch Movies Online

My first best selection under this category will be This is an amazing website t watch online contents for free. It is one of the biggest movie streaming websites in the world. Moreover, users can watch videos easily on this platform. provides a great collection of movies of all time. All the popular movies are available with just a few clicks. Also, the website is all free and is without any registration. In addition, the streaming speed on this website is super fast. Users can watch contents from different genres with a sublime speed. This genre includes drama, action, adventure, classics, and many more.

Apart from this, the search option on the website is extraordinary. One can watch whatever movie they like by searching on the platform. There are options for users to switch between quality and even to choose movies from different qualities. However, I suggest you go with HD prints. Because the other contents may be a false print. Also, users can choose movies from release years. This option is available on the right side of the website. This helps you to filter contents in fast. One can even add movies on to the website platform upon authorization from the creators. Altogether, for viewing contents in great speed, will be a great solution.

#2:- – Free Online Movie Streaming is another alternative for the website that we are discussing now. This one has a very simple website design. Due to its user-friendly design, it is quite easy to navigate through. As a result, finding movies of your interest is an easy job. There is no similarity with any of the adult website as the name sounds. So the website is even fine for students. On the homepage, you can find the list of recent releases. These ones fall under the “Recommended” category. The list doesn’t end here. One can also find movies under, latest updates, most viewed, best rated and many more.

The genre tab on the top of the homepage is quite wide. This one covers almost everything available in the movie world. Additionally, one can filter movies by name. It is quite useful. It shows up a full list of movies under release years. Once you know, the year of release, it is very simple to find the contents. Also, the website even has space for the TV show too. Anything can be known related to TV shows in this option. Latest air dates, best rated, latest release dates, are the highlights of this section. On the other hand, the website has few ads, popping up on the homepage. This can be annoying, but I would suggest to neglect them.

#3:- – Movies and TV Shows for free

Putlocker is a pioneer in this field. I cannot avoid it from my list of five. It is a streaming platform where you can find everything you need. From movies to TV shows, Putlocker has everything installed on it. Apart from the above, Putlocker has a simple design. Hence surfing around the homepage is quite easy. In other words, the website is very much user-friendly in its performance. The homepage has a search box where you can find anything you need. Also, they provide users an option to search through the older version of the website.

Putlocker has a complete list of movies released on its platform. But new releases are sometimes CAM prints. I never ask my readers to watch those. However, they also have the best HD collection of movies. Talking about the genres, this is a huge list where you can find movies of different category. Also, one can filter out contents according to nationality. Moreover, there is also space for TV series. Thus, Putlocker serves both audiences to a great extent. One can also find a collection of top-rated IMDB movies on Putlocker platform. There is also space for movie news on this website. You will also wonder about the efficiency of filter option A-Z.

#4:- – Another Fmovies Alternative

One can also use as an alternative to This website will be very handy if you are a real movie fan. The vast collection of movies and user-friendly interface can amuse any category of users. On the top of the homepage, there is an efficient search box to find all contents. Even though it is easy to navigate through the website, it looks like the platform needs some restructuring. On the other hand, the creators do not compromise on the movie contents. Every new release pops up on the home screen when available. Apart from this under the movies tab, users can find original HD contents of latest releases.

But note that, the filter sections are not so efficient for starters. Here there is no option to find contents which fall under specific genres. Also, one cannot find movies based on release years, names, etc. However, once you know what you wish to watch, this website will be much more convenient. Also, the website gives equal importance to TV shows too. As a result, will useful and reliable for those who are TV series fans. Moreover, the website also provides information on the upcoming schedules of TV shows. Users may also request movies which they wish to watch on But for this, logging in is a must.

#5:- – Site similar to Fmovies

Lastly, let me take your attention to another substitute for, the The website has a lot of features that make it suitable to stand as an alternative. First and foremost, I am very much impressed with the user-oriented design of the website. It is free and easy to use website which offers plenty of movies. The homepage can be classified into three categories. The top portion is dedicated to new releases. The middle section is for latest movies and the down space is filled with new episodes. Moreover, users can expand these categories to get the full list. Unlike, this website has a genre collection. Here you can find everything of your interest.

Filtering the contents is very easy and efficient on this website. One can find movies on the basis of release years. The sub-section “Browse TV” is so splendid in its performance. There you can find a catalog of all TV shows. But the memes will not provide you a small description of the content. For this, you should select the content. That looks quite awkward to me. Apart from this, everything is perfect for In short words, this website is a paradise for movie lovers. You will enjoy the taste of streaming online through this website.


I hope you have found the best alternatives for My readers can select any one from the listed five websites. Whatever you choose, one thing I am pretty sure is about the amazing experience that you can enjoy. You will be into a zion of online contents in all of these websites. I am so sorry that I cannot give you a final verdict on the above websites. Because every listed one can only be graded equally. However, is my favorite and I use it regularly to stream online movies and shows.

So, what is your preference from the list? Or do you have some other suggestions? Comment us below.

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