Top 3 Agario Private Server – Fastest Modded server in 2020

Students those have Internet access in Schools or colleges definitely have heard about agario. This is one of the popular game that students play when they got free time in the computer lab. Agario, working on internet domain is an online multiplayer game. The game is a massive multiplayer one, where You can play with all of your friends in real time. If you have 50 friends in college or school, you can play with all of them at the same time. This makes the game more popular among school kids.

During the gameplay, you can see cells placed everywhere in the map. Your aim is to collect as much as cells possible and grew bigger as possible. Once you are enough bigger than other online players, you can attack them to eat them. Consuming other opponents gives you a massive boost on your size. Meanwhile, top players are listed in the right corner and you can see your position too. There are many customizations available for player skins and you can choose Text, color, symbols, and skins for better visibility.

Why is so popular?

You may have heard about the frequent popularity of game from obscure corners of the internet. There is much reason for this much of popularity. First of all, this is a competitive game, which is simple in nature. In this game, you are a cell. Your job is to eat other cells or food scattered all over the place. You can grow up by eating other small cells and avoid contact with other bigger cells. Quite simple right?

Another reason for the popularity is, it is an instant game. There is nothing to download or no need to invest your internal storage space. Even you are new to this game, you can understand this entire game within 5 minutes. There is no need to watch or read tutorials. Here are some important points that make the game more addictive.

#1:- Survival of the fittest:- You may have studied this theory in your high school classes. This is a nature’s law, where the fittest among a group survive for last. Once you enter the game, there will be hundreds of other online gamers. It is thrilling to wait and grow bigger and finally became the largest cell.

#2:- Addictive:- This is an addictive game. If you lose the game in between the gameplay, you got frustrated and want to take revenge. So you will return to the game again and try to retain the No.1 position. Unfortunately, it is very hard to get the top position and you will play the game again and again.

#3:- Humans like to be others:- Most people want to be like other great personalities. Once you see a successful person, you want to be like him. This is not your problem, but a nature of most humans. While playing agario, you will see big gamers with large cells and you try to become like them.

What is Agario Private Server?

You may wonder what is a private server of a game means. A private server is an online platform which is not owned or endorsed by the official game. These servers provide a platform for playing the modded version of popular games. Usually, online games with millions of players come in this category. Most popular games like Clash of Clans, Minecraft, Sliterio etc have these kinds of private servers where the user can cheat, change skin, or do some modification other than what the original game supports.

Simply told, a private server either emulates or copies the original servers with a lot of extra features. Sometimes, it will be provided officially by the original game developers for practicing or it is developed by hardcore fans. In both cases, you can access those servers and try practicing the game. But if the private servers are created by reverse engineer the official server script, it may lack in functionalities and may be full of bugs.

Most people have a doubt that, is it legal to play the modded version or private server of a game. The truth is that you can play any games on private servers without getting any legal issues. It won’t affect your original game account in any manner. People playing clash of clans on private server always think about their account ban. It will not happen as both the servers have no relation. But owning or creating a private server may bring some legal issues. In one or another way, you are copying their assets, trademarks or other stuffs without any authorization.

Here in the case of Agario, many developers had made clone platform for playing the game. But the servers will be different. If you choose a private or modded server, you can unlock any sort of skins or can use custom skins. Due to the addictive nature of, it is blocked in many colleges and universities. If so the students can access the private servers and enjoy their free time.

List of Private Servers PVP

In case of the official game, thousands of players will be there at a time and they are grouped into different categories. But there will be no enough players in moded servers. The following PVP servers have enough players to compete. Even there are many other private servers available, we skipped those and listed only the best servers. Private Servers Speed Status
agario-here Very Fast Working
agario-play Very Fast Working
agarioplay Very Fast Working

All the above private servers are owned by third-party teams. There will be adult skins and adult chat contents there. So, access these websites at your own risk. Also points you achieve using the private server won’t reflect on your original agario account.


There will be a huge potential for multilayer games among a group of friends. It will be more acceptable if it can be played online. and are such games which are played by millions of people. Due to its addictive nature, many schools and colleges have blocked this game from students. Anyway using the private servers, you can play this game without any issues. All the mentioned servers are faster than others and there will be many players online every time. Hope this will help you to choose the best-modded server. If I forget any other servers, please comment it below.

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