10+ Excel calendar templates 2020 – Monthly Printable Excel Template

Calendars are very important for a person who keeps tracking his activities like work schedules, company meetings, financial contracts, events & meetups etc. It acts as a reminder to finish some important activities. For example, if you want to go for a family function on a particular day, just mark it on the calendar and you will remember the date whenever you have a look at the dates.

Business personals have a different perspective on this matter. Every year, they will print hundreds of calendars and give it to their customers and staffs. By giving these free calendars, they are expecting a small advertising. They think that the people who buy these calendars will place it over the wall in their home. Thus they are expecting more people to see their brand name and thus more sales or whatever it is.

Advantages of Excel calendar templates over Traditional Calendars

There are many advantages for an excel calendar over the traditional calendars. Look how much better is excel calendars over its competitors.

#1:- You can access the softcopy from multiple devices

This is one of the main advantages of an excel calendar. If you are having a hard copy of a calendar, it is not easy to carry it everywhere you go. But if you are using the calendar you made using excel, you can see your schedules from any device that has a network access. All you need to do is to copy the softcopy of excel calendar to your Onedrive account before taking the printout.

#2:- Customize as per your choice

This is another important advantage of excel calendar templates. If you have a quick change in plan, you can easily edit your softcopy online and take the printout. For traditional calendars, there will be no such templates or themes to access. Also if you give the softcopy calendar to your customers, clients or workers, they can easily modify its color or dimensions and take a print out and use.

#3:- Easy to share

Suppose if you have business at different locations. For example, if your company has a branch in the UK and another in the USA, you can easily share the copy of calendars to both the locations. From there it can be edited based on the requirements. Thus Excel calendar templates are easy to share and cost-efficient.

2019 Best Excel Calendar templates 

#1:- Vertex42 Calendar Template

Excel calendar templates 2019

After getting featured in Office template page, this is the most downloaded and used Excel calendar template for 2019. The template was designed and published by the vertex42 team for family business and school purpose. If you want to see the calendar for a particular year, just change the Year and month just by changing the value shown on the right side. Also, you can adjust the start day of a week by adjusting the value on the right side.

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#2:- Evergreen calendar Template

Excel calendar theme 2019

Evergreen Calendar template is a single page calendar and it is one of the best dark theme Excel calendar templates. By default, your calendar will update based on today’s date. However, you can change the Year on the left side to change the calendar year. You can add special dates to the column provided on the left side and it will be highlighted automatically. This will be a great calendar theme for those who love dark color.

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#3:- Blue Layout Calendar

Excel printable calendar templates 2019

This is another year adjustable single page calendar template. You can select the month from the list shown below from the theme and adjust the year on the right side. You can print the calendar of any year by adjusting the year and month. This blue layout Excel calendar template is really cool for office and personal use.

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#4:- Green Layout Calendar

This is another interesting calendar theme provided by Microsoft. Same as the above-listed calendars, you can adjust the year from the year settings on the right side. Otherwise, the calendar will choose today’s date to show the content. This is a monthly wise theme and you can take printout by adjusting the month and year. You can also adjust the start date of a week from the settings.

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#5:- Single Page Calendar Template

Excel calendar templates

This is for those who want the calendar for a whole year on a single page. You can adjust the year on the topside and the dates will get automatically updated. The problem is that you can’t add or mark special dates or events like other templates. But this a great theme for those who want to see dates without turning down the calendar pages.

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#6:- Family Calendar

2019 excel calendar template

Thos who loves adding their favorite pictures on a calendar, then this is the right choice. Using this excel family calendar template, you can add your own favorite pictures above every month. Also by adjusting the spinner on the top side, you can create calendars for any year. From January to December you can add different photos and take the printout. This is really a cool calendar theme for home use.

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#7:- Vertex42 Single Page Calendar

2019 excel calendar template

Vertex42 team is good at creating templates. Our first calendar choice in this list is from this reputed team. Here is another beautiful template from them. You can adjust the year and month from the settings and take the printout for a complete year in a single sheet. The theme also allows you to change the color and the text font. This is a well-documented template which makes the editing really easy.

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#8:- Seasonal Calendar

excel calendar template 2019

This is yet another customizable calendar template. Top right corner of this template shows seasonal photo illustrations either winter, winter, spring, summer, or the fall. You can change the year as per your wish and the dates will change accordingly. You can also set the start date either Sunday or Monday.

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#9:- Calendar for Students

2019 excel calendar template

This calendar template is focused on students those have lots of schedules and activities. The calendar has mainly 3 parts. One for showing the dates, one for writing schedules and another section for writing notes. You can take the printout and write the necessary information on the provided fields. You can mark the assignments, project, seminar submission dates and write to do list tasks.

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#10:- Small business calendar

calendar 2019 theme

One of the beautiful calendar theme for small business runners. You can easily adjust the year column using the spinner and the dates will change automatically. On the right-hand side, you can add your company logo and information. This is a single page theme so that you can make necessary notes and mark events easily.

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#11:- Monthly Printable Calendar

excel calender 2019 theme

Another beautiful monthly calendar. You can adjust the year and the dates will change automatically. This template can be used for your personal and business use. You can add details on each date fields.

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Here are the best in class Excel calendar templates for the year 2019. Not only 2019 but also any year calendar can be printed by adjusting the date settings inside the calendar templates. All these calendars are either in monthly format or in yearly format and also possible to take printouts.

Download these Excel calendar templates of 2019 and make necessary changes using excel. Print the calendar and showcase it in your room or office.

If you have any other beautiful calendars, please provide a link using the comment box below. We will add it after a quick review.

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