[Answer] Can you find the different one? Emoji Question Whatsapp

If you are a frequent Whatsapp status viewer, you may have seen a dare game with the title “Can you find the different one?” These type of questions comes under Whatsapp dare games where you will be asked to post some questions as your status if you fail to give the right answer. Let me explain in a simple way. Your friend will find some interesting questions which will be a little bit difficult to answer. He will send it to you and ask you to answer it correctly. If you fail to answer the question, you then need to post the question as your Status. The game will continue in that way.

I know posting the answer to an interesting dare game is not fair but here is the answer to “Can you find the different one?” dare game.

Can you find the different one? Dare Game Question

I don’t know whether you are looking for the same question. Following is the question I am talking about.

Can you find the different one? Emoji Question Whatsapp

Can you find the different one?

A   B   C   D   E

Hard to find🧐

I lost to “name”

There are 25 emojis in this question which is listed as a matrix form. 5 rows and 5 columns. The answer to this question is D3.

Why the answer is D3?

In this question, D3 is an emoji of a boy and remaining emojis are of a girl. You can figure it out by cross looking the hair of the emojis.

There is another similar question running via Whatsapp and Telegram. See the question below.

Here also the answer is D3. This is Because of D3 emoji has ears as compared to other 24 emojis.

My Dare question is not listed here. How to find out the answer easily?

Most people fail to answer to these kinds of question is because of the size of the emoji. Probably you will get such questions via mobile which has a smaller screen size. So it will be difficult to find the odd one out quickly. But you can take a screenshot of the question and use the pinch to zoom feature to magnify the emojis. Then have a look at the highlight portions and you will see the difference quickly.


We have written the answer to you. However, it is not a good idea to look after the answers before finding it by yourself. We also have answers to other dare games. So before ending up in Google search for the answers atleast make a try to find the answer.

Also, if you know any other dare games, please comment below. We will try to answer it as soon as possible.


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