[Answer] Everyone is getting this wrong – An Ex police man Question

During the lockdown period, WhatsApp dare messages are booming over the internet. Since everyone is at home, social media are the only way to communicate with each other. Among them, WhatsApp is a quite popular one and several challenge questions, dare statuses are rolling over there.

Every day, your friends might come with some challenging questions over WhatsApp groups or through direct messages. If you really want to answer it correctly, you might need a reference. Here we are trying to resolve most of the dare questions in our own way. You can check out our guess the alcohol challenge question and its answers.

Everyone is getting this wrong - An Ex police man Question

Everyone is getting this wrong – An Ex-policeman

This is another WhatsApp dare question you can see mostly on WhatsApp. You will get a WhatsApp message asking to find the answer to this question. If you reply a wrong answer, you need to update your WhatsApp status with this question and under this question, you should mention “I lost to [friend name]”.

The ex police man question is as follows

Everyone is getting wrong

An ex police man lost his house his car his girl friend

What did he lost first?

I lost to [friend name]

If you don’t want to type the whole text, you can download the question image below. Just download it and crop the necessary portions.

Everyone is getting this wrong

The answer to WhatsApp ex-policeman question

Most people think that the answer is the house because the question mentions so. However, the answer is His Job. You might think it is not mentioned there. But it is. Since he is an ex-policeman, he lost his job first. Then his house, car, and girlfriend.


WhatsApp dare and challenging questions are meant to create some funny moments among friends and relatives. It can make a dead group to active mode. Personally, I don’t check the answers to a dare and challenging questions on the internet. It kills the fun of that particular question. However, in some situations, you are forced to check the right answers. In such a case, you can check the answers on the internet.

I hope you get the right answer for “Everyone is getting this wrong – An Ex-policeman Question”. If you have a different opinion, please comment below. Also if you have your own dare questions, share it below. We will update it on our page.

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