What is Amazon Courtesy Credit Balance? Complete Information included

If you are a regular amazon customer, sometimes you may see courtesy credit balance on your account. Usually it varies from $1 to $50. If you see those amazon courtesy credit balance during checkout, you may wonder where this credit balance came from. Searching amazon forums, you could see a lot of people asking where this amazon courtesy credit balance came from?, what is this balance means?, Do amazon courtesy credit balance expire?, Can I use these promotional balance for purchasing all items? And so on.

So here we are with more information about amazon courtesy credit balance. Simply telling, these courtesy credits are promotional credits given to a customer for various reasons and as part of promotional activities.

amazon courtesy credit

Is amazon courtesy credit Balance and Promotional balance same?

Courtesy credit balance is same as promotional balance. Both can be applied during the checkout process and you can save that amount being debited from your account. There is a slight problem for these balances.. You can apply these credits only for the eligible products.

Here is a copy of the email sent by amazon team clearly mention that you can use the credit for purchasing an item shipped and sold by amazon.com .


We are writing this email because you were eligible to receive a No-Rush Shipping courtesy credit for your recent order(s), but it didn’t apply correctly. To correct this, we’ve issued a $5 courtesy credit to your account. You can use this credit to buy an eligible item shipped and sold by amazon.com and it will automatically apply the next time.

We value your business and hope to see you again soon.


Customer Service

Please note: this e-mail was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message.

Here are some FAQ regarding amazon promotional credit balance. You will get a clear idea after reading this.


FAQ related to courtesy credit balance


Is the gift card balance is same as courtesy credit balance?
No. Both gift card and courtesy credit are different. You cannot exchange, courtesy credit for a gift card.


Is PROMO CODE same as courtesy credit?
No. Both Promo code and gift card are different. Promo Codes can apply for products above certain price, but courtesy credit can be applied for any price products.


How comes these credits?
Usually these amounts are credited due to delay in shipping your products. Sometimes, there may occur delay for product delivery even for prime members. To make it balance, they will provide courtesy credit to the account holder. The amount you receive will depend on the cost and type of product you ordered.


Can I use Both Gift card and courtesy credit for same product?
Yes you can. You can use both of them if the item is eligible for applying both offers.


If you are a prime member and you opt normal shipping instead of amazon’s quick 2 day shipping, they offer you some courtesy credits. Normally these credits are given to items which are not physical. One important thing to be noticed is that, these credits will be available only for items which are sold by amazon. You won’t get these offers for third-party sellers. Based on some customer opinion, amazon has limited providing courtesy credit for items sold under toys and games category.

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