Top 8 Best Video Editors for Mac in 2024

Nowadays, if you want to get views, you need to make a high-quality video. Whether you are a YouTuber or you need it for marketing your product, it is essential that you use the best video editor. Without one, your video will end up looking poorly made and won’t get any views.

Sure, time is money – but you should still make sure that you create the perfect video for your viewers. The more you entice them, the higher the chances for your product to be successful.

However, since the market is overcrowded, you might have difficulties in finding the perfect video creation tool. Each product seems great – so, which one should you choose? If you’re looking for guidance, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled this article to make the decision easier for you. So, here are our top programs for perfect videos.

#1:- Final Cut Pro X

Featuring advanced color grading, many audio and visual effects, and a variety of other features, this video editor for Mac is the perfect choice for professional editors and video makers. It’s very easy to use, but at the same time, it has some very powerful editing tools.

At $299.99, this program is not among the cheapest. With that in mind, you get a 90-day free trial in which you may use the program with no restrictions. If you are serious about editing, then investing might just be worth it. Plus, considering the developments that are made to the product, you may easily install it on a Mac Mini or a Macbook Pro.


  • Very easy to use
  • Long 3-month trial period
  • Very powerful editing tools


  • Rather expensive for casual users

#2:- Movavi Video Editor Plus

Despite the fact that it has strong editing abilities, the Movavi Video Editor Plus features a simple template. Beginners could easily use this program as they are working from home. With that in mind, you get a fair number of features as well, such as basic keyframing, tilting, chroma key, and PiP. Movavi also has motion tracking, a feature that you do not find in all video editors.

Unlike other products that charge a monthly fee, Movavi only asks for a one-time payment of $59.00. If you want to get the full Movavi Suite (screen recorder, format converter, and photo editor), you can pay $79.95 per year or $199.95 as a one-time payment. You also get a free trial that you may use for 7 days, after which you will have to begin paying for the product.


  • Easy to use
  • Many features that are useful for beginners and professionals alike
  • The plans are affordable


  • No multicam editing
  • A rather short trial period

#3:- Adobe Premiere Elements

If you are looking for good video editing software for Mac that is easy to use, then you might want to consider trying out the Adobe Premiere Elements. At $99.99, it is not too expensive, nor is it too cheap. You also have a free trial that gives you full access for 30 days, but each video you make gets a watermark.

The video has lots of effects that you may use, both visual and audio. The Guided Edits make it easy for you to use the platform, and you also have some cool features you may use. This includes video noise reduction, auto-tagging, vertical to horizontal video, timelapses, and many other intriguing tools. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will definitely love this tool.


  • Simple to use interface
  • Guided Edits are perfect for every editing level
  • Decent length trial period


  • Slow rendering speed
  • Video gets a watermark during the trial period

#4:- Wondershare Filmora

With a $51.99 fee per year, Wondershare Filmora is cheap to use in comparison to other tools. There is an option for outright purchase as well, which will cost you $79.99. There is also a free trial that you may use, one which allows you to export videos 10 times. However, these exported videos will also feature a watermark.

You have lots of overlays and effects that you may use, as well as transitions with trimming features. A special feature of this product is that it has motion tracking as well, allowing you to make clear-cut videos. The interface is very clear and easy to use, making it a convenient Mac video editing software piece for beginners.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Inexpensive to buy
  • A variety of effects and tools to use
  • Quick rendering


  • It crashes occasionally
  • No multicam editing

#5:- DaVinci Resolve

If you are an advanced video editor looking for an efficient product to create a film, then you might want to try the DaVinci Resolve. The product itself is mostly free, making it the best video maker on a budget. You have an indefinite trial period, but there are also certain advanced features you’d have to make a one-time payment for. These payments start at $357.

The product renders 4K videos, so you get some high-quality videos. The interface has a bit of a learning curve, but it’s nothing you wouldn’t be able to handle after you use it a couple of times. Still, advanced video makers who already know how to use similar products might have an easier time using this product.


  • The product is mostly free to use
  • Multiple features you can enjoy
  • Rendered products are high quality


  • The interface might be rather intimidating for beginners
  • Some features-for-purchase are fairly expensive

#6:- iMovie

As a beginner, it might be difficult to find a video editor that you can use without any complications. Still, the smooth platform of iMovie is very easy to use even if you have never made a film before. You have multiple features, from green screen effects to transitions, effects, text addition, and cross-device integration.

Perhaps the aspect that makes the product the most appealing video editing tool for beginners is the fact that it is completely free to use. Even if you are on a budget, you should have no issue creating HD-quality videos using this tool. It also has multiple templates that you may use so that you may create a great video in virtually no time.


  • Free of charge
  • The interface is perfect for beginners
  • Multiple editing tools


  • The number of transitions and filters is small
  • It does not receive regular updates

#7:- OpenShot

Openshot is one more video editor that is a perfect choice for beginner movie makers. It’s one of the easiest programs to use if you need a quick yet professional creation on a budget. You have multiple effective tools to trim and arrange your videos, as well as a powerful framework for animation. In terms of effects and editing tools, this video also excels.

The product is free of charge for anyone who wants to use it. The video editor supports over 70 languages, so even if you’re not an English speaker, you can still use it. This is not something very common in its competition. The learning curve is also very small, so even if you’ve never used a video editor before, you should find OpenShot quite intuitive.


  • A multilingual platform that is convenient for international use
  • Straightforward interface for beginners
  • Cheap yet very functional


  • Occasionally, it lags or freezes, but recovers after a few minutes

#8:- Blender

Professional video editors that are looking for cross-platform video editing tools might find this one quite useful. It has high-level customization features, tools for texturing and skinning, 3D creation suites, animations, and a variety of brushes and sculpting tools. If you plan on making a living from video creation, then Blender is exactly what you should be looking for.

Blender is mainly free of charge, which means you won’t have to pay in order to use the program. With that in mind, you’ll still have to pay for cloud support, as you will likely work with quite some big files. You can opt for manual cloud renewal that will cost you $17 per month, or you may go for auto cloud renewal at $11.50. You also get access to demo files that allow you to try out the program first, without necessarily needing cloud support.


  • Many tools fit for professional use
  • Affordable and perfect for those on a budget
  • The demo account allows you to try the program out


  • It is rather intimidating to use for novices
  • There is no option to preview the clip before exporting it

The Bottom Line

Finding good video editing software for Mac may be rather challenging, but hopefully, we managed to give you some good ideas. All of the tools mentioned above may crop, trim and merge videos so that you can have perfect results. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, there is still a program that you may easily use.