[Solved] Can’t change Character Apex Legends – Bug Fix

EA games have launched the latest season of Apex Legends called season 5 with some amazing updates and features. They have introduced a new legend called legend Loba to the game with some stylish and sophisticated powers. Changes have been made to the game map and a new POI and salvage have been added. Charge towers are there to provide full ultimate charge to any Legends who are standing on the platform.

There is good news for players in this new update. Those who left the game unexpectedly can rejoin the match and start from where they left. You can play the game if you are still alive. However, there is no weapon update this season.

In the release note, they mentioned lot of bugs are fixed. When they fixed old bugs, the game started to show some new ones. Difficulty in choosing the right legend before the match is one of them. Here is this article we would like to show you how to fix this error temporarily.

How to fix character selection Bug in Apex Legends Season 5?

As I mentioned above, the game is full of bugs and you have to wait for the next patch to fix the issues. However, if you are facing a character selection issue, you can try the temporary solution mentioned below. Please note that this is not a permanent solution and you will have to wait till the next patch or update release to fix this issue completely.

Step 1:- Go to your firing range.

Step 2:- Now go back and click on change legend. You will see the list of characters in you game.

Can't change Character Apex Legends character

Step 3:- Now select the character and return to the firing range. Now you will see a new character is selected.

Step 4:- Now click the back button again and select “Return to Lobby“.

NB: You should go back (return to lobby) as soon as possible because, if you wait too long, you actually get switched into another character and you won’t be able to play with the right legend.

Once you return to the lobby, you will be able to manage the legends you want.

Legends Selection Bug Fix – Video Tutorial


Like I mentioned above, the above method is not a permanent working solution. You have to do the same steps repeatedly whenever you start a new game. The developers have already mentioned they are aware of this issue through their twitter handle and we can expect a new patch or update soon. Meanwhile, you can try this temporary solution to fix legend selection bug in Apex Legends.

If you have any other tips to fix this bug, please commend below. This will help thousands of people who are looking on the same issue.