How to use Snipping tool in Chromebook or Google Chrome OS?

If you are a windows user, you may know what is a snipping tool. Snipping Tool is a small utility program comes with windows installation which can be used to take snippets of items which are visible on your computer screen. In case of Windows, snipping tool has a lot of limitations and there are many other tools out there to overcome its limitations. Still this tiny piece of software manages to get thousands of users globally and the became the No.1 tool for screenshot takers.

There are many reasons why snipping tool has its own position among people. First of all, it comes by default and people used to it. There is no need to install other bloatware tools for just taking screenshots which can be easily done with snipping tool. There are no difficult features or hidden functionalities which makes difficulties for beginners to adjust to it.  Windows bring this feature first to Windows Vista and all followed versions had it by default. Snipping tool in windows is able to take entire page screenshot, rectangular area snaps, and free-form snapshots. It was also capable of saving the screenshot in various format and also includes small editing tools.

So, people, those are a regular user of snipping tool, once migrated to other OS, or using Chrome OS via bootable USB, definitely start looking for this tiny utility. Unfortunately, no other OS handles tools with the same interface. So installing third-party tools are the only possible option. Mac, Linux, whatever it is, tools exactly perform like windows snipping tool is not available.

How to use snipping tool and took snipping screenshot in Chromebook or Chrome OS?

Since it is difficult to figure out package installer for Chrome OS, you may feel difficulties in solving each and every issue in Chromebook. Like Windows and Mac, a wide collection of drivers and software are not available in chrome store. So today we are showing you how to create a screenshot in Chromebook like you do with windows snipping tool.

Entire Page Screenshot:- I have seen many guys recommending many chrome extensions for taking screenshots. But most of them work only inside the chrome browser. You won’t able to take screenshots of items visible outside the chrome browser. If you need just the entire desktop screenshot,

Press Ctrl + switch window

If you are running Chrome OS on devices other than chrome book, you won’t find a  switch window symbol. So the possible way is to

Press Ctrl + F5

I am sure that in Chromebook, pressing Ctrl + switch window brings you the screenshot. But on your Laptop, sometimes pressing Ctrl + F5 won’t brings the screenshot. So use your Fn Key before pressing the keys. So it will be like

Fn + Ctrl + F5

Partial Screenshot / Snippet Screenshot:- Generally, Snipping tool in windows allows you to take partial screenshot or screenshots with more control. You can almost achieve this feature in Chromebook too. But not all features of snipping tool is available with Chrome OS. So on your Chromebook

Press Ctrl + Shift + switch window

to take a screenshot. If you are using Laptop/PC other than Chromebook,

Press Ctrl + Shift + F5

Again as mentioned above, Pressing Ctrl + Shift + switch window on your Chromebook definitely bring snippet screenshots but in Some laptop, you need to press the Fn Key before screenshot. So the final keys would be like

Fn + Ctrl + Shift + F5

images taken using Snipping tool in chrome os

Where can I see the Screenshots taken in Chrome OS / Chromebook?

If you are using a general PC or Laptop other than Chromebook, you can press the PrtScr button to take screenshots. All screenshots taken using shortcut keys will be inside the “Downloads” Folder. Not only screen capture, screen records in Chrome OS also comes inside the download folder. Use any File Managers to access it or use the default one.

Snipping tool images in chromebook

Hope you got how to take snipping screenshot on your Chromebook or Laptops running with Chrome OS. Also If you know other ways to create snippet screenshots with third-party extensions or apps, please comment it below. We are on the way to bring tutorials that helps Chromebook users. If you have any doubts regarding this guide or Chrome OS, please comment it below. We will help you as soon as possible.



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