Sling TV alternatives 2020 – Best USA network without cable

Before I get your attention into the real headline of this article, I think it is necessary to make you people aware of the drawbacks that the Sling TV has. Even though it offers reasonable channel selections and reliable streaming performance overall, the other agreements that they demands can frustrate any of its users, sure and that’s why you are here. The operating plans of Sling TV is a little bit confusing and exasperate as it comes with a $20 monthly plan which is expensive when collating with its competitors. In addition to this big issue, the next one can make you more annoyed about Sling TV. If you subscribe ‘Blue+Orange’ plan at $40 per month and you expect free built-in cloud DVR, you are wrong. You, again have to pay a $5 to get 50 hours of cloud TV recording storage. disgusting right?

So I am sure that you are not getting value for your money and you are paying more for small things. And I am here with the best five alternatives to Sling TV which will give you some entertainment rather than squander your money. Here is the list.

Best 5 Sling TV alternatives in 2020 to get network without cable

#1: Direct TV Now

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Without any additional charges, Direct TV Now features the best for you with four tired pricing system. For this, you have to pay $35 per month for 60 channels under ‘leave a little’ package, $50 for 80+ channels under ‘just right’ package, $60 for 100 channels under ‘go big’ package or $ 70 for 120+ channels under ‘gotta have it’ package. They have got a unique relationship between AT&T and if you are a choice subscriber, you can enjoy service for just $10 per month. A 72-hour rewind feature that they offer can help you to catch up the favorite shows which have aired during this time period.

English language closed captioning features are available within the video player and you can also personalize the closed caption font style and size. Additionally, Direct TV Now allows you to restart the programs which are already in progress and thus you won’t miss any cheerful moments. All programs stream with HD format and Dolby digital 5.1 on Apple TV devices. They lack cloud-based DVR service and parental control feature which may be added soon. I should also mention, the simultaneous streaming feature also needs to improved for Direct TV Now bit summing all up, this is one of the best alternatives for Sling TV.

Direct TV Now

#2: Set TV Now

My next pick as an alternative for the Sling TV will be Set TV Now. This comes with a very low monthly package of $20 and one can enjoy 500 plus channels at this cost. If you are tired of cable’s TV anywhere claims, then the best option is Set TV Now. They put you in control by including 3 devices per households with their very low subscription package. Now you can also enjoy 73 premium Spanish channels by paying an extra of $5 per month, interesting right? The streaming in Set TV Now always goes by HD format and it also features thousands of on-demand entertainment options.

They also come with plug and play technology which can enliven anyone using its services. The subscription comes with a monthly package which means you have to pay as you pass from month to month. There are no hidden charges while using Set TV Now as it has no long-term commitments. no activation fees, no cancellation fees or o credit check. You can also get a professional support while using this alternative. I think Set TV Now stands the best premium IPTV service set TV with all these features.

Set TV Now

#3: Netflix

I don’t think this would be a debatable pick for the alternatives of Sling TV. The great granddaddy serves the best and will be an excellent selection of streaming services. It allows you to watch TV programs from anywhere at any time as it is available on TV, phone or tablet and even on your computer. They provide unlimited streaming of films, TV shows, comedy specials and other entertainments for one monthly subscription free. The optimized interface that Netflix has can delight the users. In terms of selection, quality and performance consistency, no other services in the market can give an honest-to-goodness run to Netflix.

Netflix allows you to create five profiles on a single account which make sure that your favorite contents are not affected by the recommendations for your loved ones and friends. Once you subscribe and if you feel that Netflix is not one of your kind, you can cancel it and there won’t be any additional charges for your action. There are three subscription packages for Netflix and the lowest starts with a rate of $8 per month and it extends to $10 and $12 with some additional features. The negative stuff of Netflix is that the titles come and go frequently and sometimes you might feel that they offer only limited brand new content.


#4: FuboTV

Some people may think FuboTV is just a sports bundle, but that’s not the case. You can enjoy a slew of non-sports channels including FX, SyFy, A&E, and HGTV. One can login to nearly 30 TV everywhere apps to watch on-demand videos. There is no need to pay extra for DVR feature, but the same is limited to just 30 hours of recording time. An extra $10 per month allow you to upgrade to 500 hours storage. You have to note that simultaneous streams are capped to two and no upgrades are there for this feature.

The main menu of FuboTV often highlights the main events that are going to be aired soon and here the channels run horizontally and air times run vertically. Fubo’s Fire TV and Android TV apps don’t have the same sleek design, they are similar in features that they offer. Fubo TV claims to be the table topper in low latency streaming and I that was proved undoubtedly with our testing. FuboTV is a competent streaming service with a distinctive mix of channels and if we ignore the lack of 60 frames per second video playback, it stands one among the best in the market.


#5:- Hulu Live TV

Hulu live TV is currently in its beta stages but it stands the best alternative for Sling TV. It allows you to watch thousands of movies and shows anywhere at any time. In contrast with Sling TV, Hulu Live TV has got easy to understand package system which comes with $40 to access premium membership. It is an ad-free account and you also get access to 5+ live channels and can be streamed up to a couple of devices. An extra $15 per month lets you to stream on more than two devices. It allows one to access a show’s current season along with an ingress to a handful of cable shows and major network shows.

A 50-hour storage is free as of Sling TV but one can upgrade this to 200 hours with just $15 monthly fee, with the enhanced DVR package. One has to note that depending on your location, your channel lineup may vary to a great extent. This service hosts a number of original shows, classical anime series and a surprising amount of offbeat movies. When I talk about the limitations, the inconsistency in selecting from older TV seasons and cumbersome interface sometimes make you feel bad. But with all other positives to standout  Sling TV, Hulu Live is the best solution.

Hulu Live TV


I think Sing TV is just interested in squeezing money of yours and are not committed to providing you the best. I am quite sure that list that I have selected will not distaste you and will certainly serve the best streaming alternative for Sling TV. If my readers have other suggestions, please let me know through comment box.

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