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Yes, Football is the world’s largest sport and is like a heartbeat. From Pele and Zico to Leo and CR, everyone makes an interest in people to watch the sport. Football brings people together, nations together and spreads love between boundaries. Each football fan will be having their own hero. A soccer legend whom they believe is the best. And to be frank, I am a great fan of Ronaldo. I know, those who follow my article also has the same interest. We would love to get every update on CR7, but sometimes browsing different websites are too much annoying.

With this in mind, a website was developed ( This website provides every detail concerned with Ronaldo. This is a project and it hit the market in November 2010. Now the website has become the best in providing Ronaldo news. Moreover, it is the most reliable source available present. In reality, the website focus on the Portugal national football team, Juventus and Real Madrid. Most accurate and insightful details are provided by this website. Now in the following sections, I will clearly explain the contents on the website. (Ronaldo 7 Stream) Full Website Review (Ronaldo 7 Stream) Full Website Review

#1:- Home Page – A Well Organized one

The homepage of the website is beautifully designed. You will surely pay attention to the contents. It comes with CR7 image in Juve jersey tempting users to scroll down. One can then find upcoming live football matches. A user will get information about at least six upcoming matches. The design for this display is exquisite. You can tap on the “Full Schedule” menu and it will give you every piece of information on upcoming matches. You can also move to a different menu as it is listed on the left side as well as on the right side. There are ads but certainly, these won’t kill your fortitude. You will never feel that there are ads on the page.

#2:- News Page for Latest Football News

Here in this section, you will find the latest news related to Juventus and Portugal, to be more precise, on Ronaldo. You can find answers to the influence of Ronaldo on the matches played by Juventus. Also, it throws lights on the hard work and determination of CR7. Surely, this is going to influence any human in the world. A few news are listed in the top with images. But if you go in detail to the “News” menu, you will find information about incidents which is already a couple of months old. Above all, the users will be directed to the video if there is any related to the news.

#3:- Stats page for Full Ronaldo Statistics

If you move to view the statistics, you will find every goal scored by CR7 for Juventus. It is like a list. Under total goals, you will find the number of goals scored in the Italian league, Coppa Italia, Super Cup, and UEFA champions league. Moreover, one can distinguish the goals scored by CR7 by head, penalty, left and right foot. Additionally, one will find the number of goals scored in the current year (2019). Also, a list table is there which describes the number of goals scored per year starting from 2002. Above all, one will find top scorers list and Juventus match results of 2018/19 season.

#4:- Videos – Ronaldo 7 site offers CR7 Videos

If you are scrolling through the website, never miss this section. This is where you can find the real Ronaldo in action. There is a complete set of videos of CR7 goals. You can view it separately starting from 2010/11 season to present. Also, there are featured videos. These types are made by fans of Ronaldo. As a result, these videos are sponsored by the website itself. To watch the goals scored by our legend, you have to tap on ‘goals in the previous season’ menu. A complete list starting from 2003/04 is there on the menu. Moreover, there are documentaries, best moments, and even ads and publicity videos related to CR7.

#6:- Gallery

Here the users can find the best Ronaldo images. This is the collection from the football matches since 2010. The gallery contains a huge collection of Rono stills. The images are from his games in the jersey of Portugal, Real Madrid, and Juventus. One could get the stills from every recent match of Ronaldo. You will get in between 4-6 great images of CR7 in the match. Above all, users can find the best Ronaldo wallpapers in the gallery. Most of the images are in full HD. Also, users can download these images. This makes a CR7 fan to change his mobile, laptop or tab desktop.

#7:- Shop – Buy Everything related to Ronaldo

Users can also buy products from the website. If you are looking for Ronaldo jersey, this is the right place. Additionally, one may also find Ronaldo boots and shoes from the website. You can find boots which he has already played with. And there is another list of boots with which he is playing now. Above all, one can find Juve and Portugal tickets to watch Ronaldo striking the nets. Besides this, Manchester United and Real Madrid tickets are also available through the website. If you want to buy anything related to Ronaldo, this is the right place to achieve it. Match tickets, jersey, shoes, boots, everything is there on the website.

#8:- Extra

Still, there is a lot about CR7 that a fan wishes to know. Users can find details about his training methods here. All secrets and routines of his practices and drill exercises are available here. In addition to this, one may find great quotes from CR7. Everyone knows he is a great inspiration. He can motivate anybody who is down with emotions or struggle. Here in this link, there are also quotes on what others think about him. One could also find information about his fashion, new cars and also above his beloved son. His hairstyle and body are also very much attractive. Everyone in the world loves it. So this will be interesting if any details on this are provided, right?

#9:- Salary and Friends

CR7 is one of the topmost sport players on payment category. He gets a great reward for his performance. Rono is paid huge and he also spends a lot on charity activities. A piece of complete information on his salary package is given in the link. CR7 is earning 0.98 Euro in each and every second of the day. We all know he keeps good friends in his life. The website gives information on his best field friends. He has always kept friends beyond national and club boundaries. You will understand this while you are on this page. Here we have every detail of his close friends. It is no doubt that Nani keeps the first place on the list.

The website is not complete only with the above-mentioned pieces of information. It also has details on every girlfriend of Ronaldo from 2003 onwards. Additionally, users can find the entire Juventus schedule in the 2018/19 season.

Can I watch Live Football Matches on Ronaldo 7 Website?

Of course, you can. The website stream all popular matches for free. No matter Ronaldo is a part of it or not, they provide uninterrupted streaming service in HD quality. However, this is not official broadcasting and illegal in some countries. If you are living in a place where there are no issues for copyright violation, you can watch it without any precautions. Otherwise, use a VPN tool to cover your IP address.


If you are a football fan, you will really love Ronaldo in action. And if you are a die-hard fan of him, this is the right place for you. Now stop browsing the internet to get information on CR7. You will find everything on this website. As a result, users will feel that they are closer to a living legend. Watch CR7 in action live and stay even more alongside with the greatest football player. Watch him achieving every success through this website.

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