Ricoh error codes PDF Download – Find why each error happens

If you have knowledge about leading printer and copier manufacturers, you definitely have heard about the brand Ricoh. Ricoh is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of automation devices like printers, copiers, Cameras, especially for office use. Along with these, they also provide services in areas like IT, Business, communication etc.

Ricoh error codes PDF Download

Most Common Ricoh error codes and its solutions

Following are some of the well-known error codes we can see in Ricoh products. Before downloading Ricoh error codes PDF file, check out whether you are looking for the solution for following errors.

  • SC543, SC545 – These two are the common Ricoh error codes. This happens because your device is overheated and need some time to cool down. This error also means that your device’s fuser lamb is damaged and need to repair or replace.
  • SC868 – This is another major error happens in a Ricoh product. Actually, this might not be your device but may be related to the data inside your SD card. If you trying to access unsupported or virus affected SD card, this error may happen.
  • SC818, SC819, SC820 – These three errors are related to your device firmware. You can either download the latest firmware from the official website and install it or contact the support team for a software update.
  • SC500 – This can happen if some operational parts like motors or gears get stuck. It is better to contact a technician to solve this issue.

[PDF] Download Ricoh error codes details in pdf format – Know Why each error happens

The levels of error message describe how much risk your machine is facing currently. The three levels of errors are A, B and C. Among them A is the most crucial one which cannot be solved by yourself. In this case, you should not activate the device anymore and should call a service engineer to tackle the issue.

Now comes the B level error codes. These errors are not affected completely by the device. It may affect only a particular portion. In this case, the machine may work are usual and that particular affected portion won’t get worked.

Lastly level C errors and warnings. These are low-level issues which can be solved yourself. You only need to have the data about corresponding errors and its reason. Unlike the other two levels of errors, you can see the warning message on the small screen of your device. You can either check your service manual or contact the tech support team to solve level C errors.

You can download the pdf file which contains every error details about Ricoh products.

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