Pelisplus / PelisPedia Alternatives 2020 – Watch Movies Free in Spanish

Pelisplus and PelisPedia are two leading movie streaming website in South American and European countries. The main reason behind the popularity of these websites is its language. As you know, both of these websites have Spanish as the default language which is the fourth most speaking language. Also, both these websites always update their movies database with newly releasing movies quickly. Not only movies you can also enjoy TV shows using this website.

Today we are listing some of the best PelisPedia Alternatives to watch movies and tv shows online. All these websites are in the Spanish language and frequently update their database with new movies. You don’t have to do premium subscriptions and no registration is required to watch movies. Movies up to 1080p quality are available on these websites. Also, some of them have a download option so that, you can watch it offline.

Top 5 & Pelispedia Alternatives 2020

#1:- Pedropolis – Watch Movies and Series Online Free in HD and without cuts

Pelispedia Alternatives

While looking on PelisPedia Alternatives, the first movie streaming website that comes into my mind is Pedropolis. This website also has Spanish as the default language which will be very helpful for native Spanish speakers. There are certain types of sorting facility available on the homepage of Pedropolis. It includes A-Z sort, Movie year sort, Genre Sort, etc to filter your favorite movies.

#2:- ver-peliculas РWatch Full Movies Online Free in Spanish and Latin FULL HD

Pelisplus / PelisPedia Alternatives 2019 - Watch Movies Free in Spanish claims to offer all latest movies in the best quality available. You can watch all the movies without any subscription. You can watch them in the original versions (subtitled), in Spanish or Castilian, and in Latin. The website doesn’t host any kind of videos or files, instead, they provide links to third-party services where the files actually host. Like all other movie websites, this website also has a variety of filtering option. You can sort out movies in Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Action category based on their language. There are special categories for movies in Latin and movies in the Spanish Language.

#3:- PelisPlay – Watch Movies and TV Series Online

Pelisplay is also a leading movies streaming website in the Spanish language. You can open an account on Pelisplay for personalized customization. However, it is not mandatory to watch movies on this website. They also provide movies in full Quality and with subtitles. It is very easy to filter your movies as they provide various sorting options. Comedy, Romance, Action, Drama, Science Fiction, Adventure, Crime, Family categories are there to choose. You can also watch NetFlix contents (Not all contents) from this website.

#4:- Gnula – Watch movies Online

Just another movie streaming website in the Spanish language. This website has classified movies in a large number of categories. Action, Anime, Animation, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Comey, Crime, Drama, Family, Fantasy, War, History, Mystery, Music, Romance, Suspense, Terror and Western are among them. Like all other websites, they also mention that they didn’t host any movies. They are also providing links to streaming services like PowViewo, YouTube, openLoad,, etc.

#5:- Pelis28  РWatch Premiere Online and Download

One of the best website to watch and download movies for free. You don’t need t signup or do subscription on this website. There is also a wide variety of filtering options like Movies based on Genre and year. You can filter your favorite movies based on its quality which is an additional option on pelis28. Similar to, you can enjoy Netflix contents on In this website, you will also find free online Netflix movies in Spanish, especially the most watched Netflix movies and the best Netflix movies based on year. Unlike Netflix, you have the option to download these movies on your Mobile or Computer and can watch it later on offline mode. This is very useful while traveling.


You can watch movies online in two ways. By subscribing to premium services like Netflix, Amazon prime, Hotstar, etc. Also, there is another option to watch movies and TV Shows by using free streaming websites like Pelisplus, PelisPedia, pelis28, etc. There are advantages and disadvantages for both the ways. For example, if you like to subscribe for Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc, then you have to pay subscription charges yearly or monthly. Also, all the movies won’t be available on a single service and you have to subscribe to multiple streaming services.

On the other hand, if you look after free streaming services mentioned above, you should be aware of spoilers. For instance, TV Shows like Game of Thrones will be available on these free sites only after it gets released on the official channels. You should have to wait for a few more hours. Meanwhile, you may hear the spoilers from social media, friends, news, etc.

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