Top 10 p2p4u Alternatives – Watch Sports Online for free in HD Quality

Watching sports are always an amazing experience for any individual. No matter, it is on television or as a spectacle in the stadium, people really love this stuff. A feeling of togetherness, a sense of concern and spirit are developed through sports. In like manner, sports is one of those things which makes people sit in front of a television. Even now, sports influence us to sit beside television of your room. But, one has to think about the technology that we have today. Yes, the power of this makes people watch things on the run. We may feel we are slaves of modern time. Luckily, the introduction of technological advancements makes us forget this.

Here in this article, we share the best sites to watch sports for free. Clearly, P2P4U website is good but shows some issues in a long run. So I include a ten best alternative to it. It is now easy for you to enjoy games on iPhone, Android, Tablets, Laptops and more. Interestingly, you only need internet connectivity for this. All are free and there is a requirement of only fast connections. Come on please don’t negotiate on this. Since you can watch favorite sports at any time, this free services will excite you. For the same reason, please don’t avoid sports of your interest.

p2p4u Alternatives

Best p2p4u Alternatives to watch Sports Online for free in HD quality


Stream2watch is going to be my first pick from the list. Certainly, it is the largest and biggest streaming website. In light of watching sports, this website suits any sports lovers. Moreover, one can watch any kind of sports in this. Additionally, the website covers every sport all around the corner of the world. After all, the website delivers the best and updated links of different games each and every day. I would recommend you to choose google chrome while you are on this site. To put this in another way, you have Adobe Flash player integrated into it for a better experience.


It is yet another best pick from the busy market. Unlike other competitors, the interface of the website is quite user-friendly. All you have to do is to select sports of your interest. The website is not crowded with the list of games. In reality, you can find sports like Football, baseball, handball, hockey, volleyball, motor, rugby, tennis, and more on this website. Just select the sports list form top menu and enjoy watching it. Moreover, they update the website very frequently. As a result, you can easily find the live games from any part of the world.


If you really like sports, then ESPN is a name you come across frequently. They are the leading sports well-wishers. As a matter of fact, I would have to say, WatchESPN is a website designed for sports lovers. It is the official website offered free by ESPN. In spite of being the best, it delivers sports matches for the people of US. Additionally, it is designed for watching US sports games. But never mind that, one can get match results and full summary as news from the top menu of the website. After all, the website comes with apps for iPhone and Android. This means you will never miss a game.


SonyLIV is yet another big deal where you are able to watch live sports for free. Of course, the user-friendly interface of the website amuses any sports lovers. Interestingly, the website has very few ads. These ads come up when you start watching a LIVE game. But that’s not an issue. All games around the globe can be watched on SonyLIV. Moreover, the users can watch short highlights of every match if you have missed one. At the same time, the website also analysis match statistics, match reviews and predictions of upcoming matches. Certainly, it would be a thrilling experience for all game lovers.


The website StreamWoop is one of the simple and easy solutions for every sports lover. If you miss television, this website suits the best alternative. Together with LIVE matches, the website also provides news and scores of the matches played day before. To be more precise, the website focus on mainstream sports like Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Golf etc. The only thing you have to do is to select sports from the top menu and enjoy. Besides this, one can search for sports and competition in the search menu. If you find no time to watch on television, please land on the website and go live with your players.


It is yet another website which enables you to watch live sports for free. Now, don’t worry even if you miss time to sit in front of your television. The user interface of the website is quite astonishing and the theme has minimalistic appeal. Moreover, the theme is compatible with any device you own. In reality, it works with iPhone, Ipad, Android, iOS, laptop and more. Furthermore, the games that you can watch in StreamSports is humongous in the list. Additionally, one can enjoy games like Football, Golf, Basketball, Rugby, Ice hockey, Boxing and more. Besides this, one can view information about upcoming events in the highlights tab on the top menu bar. So sit back, relax and enjoy the sports happening around the globe.


This is my next best website for watching live sports at free cost. offers a huge collection of sports where you can enjoy yourselves. Unlike other free websites, they also allow users to enjoy non-major sports. As an example, ice hockey, table tennis can be viewed without any cost using this website. Additionally, the website well established and organized. Above all, it undergoes frequent updates. As a result, all users are guaranteed a better experience compared to other sites. The search box allows users to search any details of events happened, on-going and upcoming events. Sit and enjoy at your comfort with


Chanfeed is a very popular website for watching sports online for free. Exclusively created for sports, you are never going to miss anything happening in the sports world. Moreover, they have endless categories of sports that user will certainly enjoy. Together with an exciting user interface, the collection of live sports are also exquisite. The sports list include Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Poker, Boxing, MotoGP, tennis and more. To be sure, the website has very few ads to annoy users while watching sports. The website is quite user-friendly. Moreover, the website is updated frequently. Use the website and enjoy your favorite sports.


This is another website that helps you to watch sports online for free. Along with this, users can certainly find articles related to the events. There is a lot of good stuff with this site. First and foremost, I have to mention the user-friendly interface. Users can find the streaming events in the home page itself. There is a list of games which is scheduled for the day. By tapping on the stream button, you are ready to watch the sports. Additionally, the coverage list of sports is quite good in number. One may find tabs for Basketball, Football, Baseball, Handball, Motor, Rugby, tennis and more. To add with, the website has very few ads to disgust users. Have a try for it.


SportLemon is a big website. It offers a plethora of sports to watch online. This is one of the best dependable sites to watch games. Certainly, I can say it is a tool for the 21st century. If you don’t find time to be in front of a TV, SportLemon will help you. Above all, users can add links for free. Moreover, they have many links for a single game. To put it in a different way, you will never miss a single match due to streaming issues. All mainstream sports can be viewed online for free. Feel free to have a test. Surely, you will get amused.


I am quite sure that the listed websites are the best p2p4u Alternatives. You may have a busy schedule. Sometimes you will never find time to be with your television. At these adverse times, definitely, these websites can help. Out of these ten, SonyLIV comes to my mind first as a final verdict. The organization, video and audio quality, huge sports list, its analysis, and other features attract me to it. But feel free to try every website in the list. Move along with technological advancement. That’s all I can say!

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