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A podcast is a series of audio or video files that a user can listen and download. The ‘pod‘ of the word podcast is borrowed from Apple’s iPod and ‘cast‘ is borrowed from the term broadcasting and this doesn’t mean that you have to own or use an iPod to enjoy a podcast.

You can think of podcast as ‘Internet Radio on Demand’ as you can easily listen to it on your computer. Each podcasts generally has a website where show episodes can be downloaded for future listening. One can either listen to this on their personal computer or can very well take it with you by transferring it to a portable digital media player or by using a podcast app on your smartphone. So its simply kind of like a small paperback book. Podcast hosting is a service provided by some websites where the users can upload their podcasts effortlessly in MP3 format.

Since the popularity of podcasting is increasing day by day, everyone seems to have their own podcasts but finding the good to host your podcast is a tedious job. The size of your podcast can govern the best host for your show and a dedicated podcast hosting services often offer extra features to make your show exciting. Here in this article, I have dealt with the best free podcast hosts will help you find a home for your show without sacrificing too much in terms of quality or features.

Free unlimited podcast hosting Websites

Best websites to start Free podcasting


SoundCloud is one of the most popular podcast hosting websites all around the globe. It’s easy to access features and simple interface makes it lead the market.  SoundCloud offers podcast hosting alongside their standard audio hosting facilities and they come with both free and paid podcast options. Free users are restricted to upload not more than three hours of audio data each month. Key features are:

  • Community feature allows one to leave comments
  • One can embed SoundCloud with most of the social media.
  • Paid hosting plan starts at $10 per month.

SoundCloud is well liked among buzzing singers and struggling sound artists, providing them a platform where they can express their skills and talents.

Checkout Soundcloud


Busszprout offers free podcasting services as well paid services with it. It comes with directions to enter podcast directories like iTunes and Stitcher, and now one can share their podcasts integrations on Facebook and Twitter. It also provides statistical analysis of the number of viewers and the devices they are using to play the podcast. Key information is:

  • Files are hosted only for 90 days.
  • Free wordpress plugin for embedding options on your site.
  • Free plan limited to 2 hours of audio upload per month.
  • Paid hosting plan starts from $12 per month.

Go to Busszprout

#Amazon web services (AWS)

AWS provides great podcast hosting services with network connectivity and it is an affordable cloud storage service that’s suitable for a wide range of applications. Using AWS one will get access to 5 GB of Amazon S3 storage and 15 GB of data transfer out each month for one year. Key information includes:

  • Generous bandwidth and storage allowances
  • File hosting is not limited to audio content and podcast.
  • Data center locations for faster downloads.
  • Paid service starts from $0.023 per GB per month.

The website offers a great experience as it is very fast and has an astonishing user interface.

Go to AWS podcasting


Spreaker is one the best podcast hosting a website but note that they come with a limited free plan. It can be accessed by smartphone devices most of the time, has a very simple user interface and is easy to operate. The free plan is aimed more for those who want to try before they buy rather than being a long-term free podcast hosting solution. Key information are:

  • Free users can only host utmost 5 hours of audio.
  • Ads are displayed and chat feature is available on the free plan.
  • Embedded player for publishing episodes and hosted podcasts are listed in the spreaker directory.
  • Paid podcast hosting plans start at $5.99 per month.

Spreaker also has got desktop apps, for recording, streaming and uploading podcast episodes.

Visit Spreaker website


Podiant would be the best option out there in the market as it offers unlimited hosting services. But if you are on a free plan, you might lack the opportunity to access Podiant customer support and is only the drawback of Podiant. Key feature of Podiant include:

  • No storage or bandwidth limits even for a free plan.
  • Podcast player can be embedded on your website.
  • Statistics to see who are listening, from where and on what devices.
  • Podiant directory lists the hosted podcasts.

Certainly, this is an attractive option as most features on paid services are available on free service too.


The users of podigee can upload up to one hour of audio every month if they are its free user. Users can also get access to some podcasts statistics as well as 72-hour turnaround times on email support. Key information includes:

  • Offers the ability to upload unlimited number of podcasts.
  • Unlimited podcasts download and bandwidth consumption.
  • Upon request custom hosting plans are available.
  • Free website is created for each podcast on a Podigee subdomain and has highly functional podcast web player.
  • Paid service starts from $10 per month.

When you upgrade to the paid plans, it unlocks the advanced statistics for your podcast, reduces the support response times, and increases the amount of audio you can upload per month.


Podomatic will be another option for those who are in search for podcast hosting website. On creating a free podomatic account one can get 500 MB storage per month and can store up to 6 hours of recording for free! Also you can create your podcasts directly on the website but note that upload process is a little bit slow, even though good for beginners. Key information include:

  • 15 GB bandwidth per month
  • Allows you to get statistics of operation.
  • Not a trial and no expiration.
  • Paid service starts from $10 per month.

If you are a casual podcast host, surely Podomatic will be a good option.


Podbean provides unlimited bandwidth and storage which simply means that there are no limits for your podcasts. The themes can amuse any of its users. Moreover, podbean have a very powerful podcast statistics. It also has got strong insights to help grow your audience. Key information include:

  • Website builder and full-featured podcast site.
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • Reliable cloud hosting
  • iTunes and play store support, search engine optimized.
  • Hosting price starts $5 monthly.

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can publish, manage and promote your podcasts because of user-friendly interface.


  • Cross-platform support.
  • App available for both iOS and Android.
  • CastBox on your desktop and also can enrich your commute with CastBox on your car.
  • Unlimited hosting and unlimited storage.


I would have to mention, once you have found a home to your podcast, please submit it to all podcasting directories including Stitcher and iTunes. I think it is fair to mention which podcast website can meet your needs if you are searching for free service and not plan to subscribe for one in near future. And to me, the option is certainly Podiant podcast service because anyone can get astonished with its features on free service.

Kindly mention other services amused you in the comment box!


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