5000+ Steam avatars for Profile Picture – 184 x 184 px Steam logo

Certain, if you love gaming there is a high probability for you to use steam for a better experience. Steam is a digital platform allows you to play multiplayer games online, video streaming and social chat with other game lovers all over the world. This platform is developed by Valve Corporation and has a vibrant community attached to it along with a variety of features including cloud saving, networking, match-making, in-game achievements which makes the gaming experience more better. Steam software works as programmed, no invasive operation like similar competitors like Uplay and Origin. It is really user-friendly for both starters and professionals.

Steam software allows you an instant access to thousands of games where most of them are multiplayer support. One can also enjoy exclusive deals, automatic game updates, and other best melodies. Everything you buy from a steam store is a digital download, there won’t be any physical boxes or disks. A secure purchase of games can be done by Paypal or by credit card.

It gives a list of games you own. Remember, the games you installed will have bright white color and the grey ones depicts the games that you own but not installed on PC. Not worry about keeping disks and CD keys around, ones you have an account on steam all those games are yours. Double tap on the name to play the games.

No matter what operating system your device has, steam fits very well with Linux, Mac, mobile device and even on your television. Always take away the fun with you. Once you download a game, you will be provided with game keys and note that this can be only used once, hence make sure that you don’t share before activating it.

How much popular steam is?

I don’t think there is much explanation needed to this question and hence not making you bored by reading the trivial stuff. But certainly, we all will go through the main highlights of the software which made it popular among serious gamers. This may include:

  • Steamworks: An application programming interface which is used in peer-to-peer multiplayer games for better networking and user authentication. It also helps in matchmaking with related players. Providing cloud support, updated statistics of real-time games, voice communication were also achieved through Steamworks.
  • Steam Workshop: It is a hosting service for steam account holders which helps to host game related stuffs.
  • Steam Greenlight: Users would choose which games were added to the service and developers were able to submit information about their games, about early builds and beta versions, for consideration by users. Later in 2017, it was replaced by Steam Direct.
  • Security: Any system without security is totally garbage. Even there are millions of accounts, Steam manage to protect every bit of information pass through Steam servers.

The other developer features like user-friendly interface, policies, steam for schools, and availability of the same in Mac, PC, Linux and as mobile apps gained a wider embrace among gamers.

How is a profile picture significant for a gamer?

Don’t think that it is good to update profile pics only for a serious personal or business reasons. It is good to change photos for an amateur gamer too. From a social perspective, an updated profile picture indicates that you are active in gaming. You can feel more organized and profile picture can speak volumes. To make others identify you, to express yourself as a gamer to others, profile picture plays a significant role.

For a gamer, steam community will be the most loved community. If you have an account in it, ya I know you do have one, it is important for you to have steam avatars because it connects with several other gamer’s worldwide. Through steam community you can see what other people talk about steam, helps you to create a friends list and an in-app chat. In individual community pages, discussions, screenshots, and fanworks are shared for every game and this will help you when you face any dilemma in going further through steam. The entertainment never stops with over 100 million potential friends or enemies. Now I think, to be live in a community, a good avatar can make the difference. So put the best in your steam account.

When you are updating your steam profile, don’t overlook your steam profile picture or steam avatars. It tells best about you. One has to note that, your steam avatar is shown everywhere in the steam community wherever you perform any activity. When you try to ask or answer any question, when you send friend requests, when you play games with others, all that comes first is your steam avatar. So make it attractive and updated with some cool and funny avatars.

Best in class Steam avatars for Steam Profile Picture

Since the standard avatar size is 184*184, you have to use the pics with exact dimension. Now if you are not in a good mood to custom generate pics of that size, I am here to help you. The list of cool and funny avatars are shown below. Pick one of your interest.

#1:- Steam Avatars for Girls

These avatars are customized for girls. All of them are in 184 x 184 size and there is no further cropping necessary. You can download the following steam images and use it as your profile picture.

Download the entire collection of girls steam dp (zip file)

#2:- Steam Avatars for Boys

Boys play games more than girls. So they need some special avatars. Browse through the wide collection of steam avatars and download the one that suits you. Also, you can download the zip file with the wide collection of steam dp pictures.

Download entire colloection of Boys DP (zip file)

#3:- Scary Avatars for steam

Following are the best scary dp for steam. If you love something special, go for these avatars. This can be used by any gender gamers.


Because of above-mentioned reasons you have to put a very cool steam avatar. Since the steam community is an active live community, please don’t put a fancy profile picture as you do in social media. You have to be more precise and accurate about your steam avatars. Your steam avatar should definitely reflect the game, anime, cartoon or other game related things of your interest. Remember it’s not your cute Facebook pic, dank pictures are more popular.


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