Zoom enters annotations on screen during video calls

MADRID, April 22 (2021) –

The Zoom video calling app has introduced a new feature that allows its users to take real-time on-screen annotations during calls, adding lines and highlighting text while sharing the screen.

As part of a new application update Zoom Meeting and Zoom Video webinars, the platform has incorporated new features to help its users express themselves more effectively during meetings, as Zoom reported in a statement.

Among the novelties, especially the on-screen annotations, with which users can highlight text or objects with a stylus during a call while sharing a screen with others. Featured content it disappears automatically with time.

To control annotations, Zoom has also introduced automatic forms in its mobile application, with which you can create straight lines and other shapes Simple by using the new ‘Automatic Whiteboard Shapes’ whiteboard feature.

Zoom has expanded the emojis with which it allows them to express themselves live the assistants to a video call, which until now were only six. Although there is a predefined package, large account administrators can enable the full package.

The service has also expanded the functions of its Zoom Rooms application with support for Facebook TV Portal, while its version Zoom Chat incorporates a new reporting structure with which user profiles can show who their boss is.

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