YouTube close Originals, will stop producing series and documentaries

Six years after its launch, YouTube made the decision to close its Originals division, the production of series and documentaries ended

After the fierce competition in the market, Youtube made the decision to close its Originals division. In other words, the platform will no longer produce series and documentaries.

In 2016 the platform launched its project to provide its users original content, the idea was to be able to offer series and documentaries for a subscription.

From YouTube Originals came up ‘cobra kai‘, a series that achieved great popularity. After two seasons the production ended up migrating to Netflix.

YouTube Originals closesYouTube Originals closes

However, Robert Kyncl, business director of the video portal, confirmed the platform’s decision. He also pointed out that they are very grateful for the support they received during these six years.

“I want to thank you for your vision, creativity and leadership. Together, these factors contributed to our decision to reduce our YouTube Originals lineup. Going forward, we will only fund programs that are part of our Black Voices and YouTube Kids funds.”

What will happen to content creators who have an agreement?

As for content creators who have a contact with YouTube Originals, pointed out that they will not be affected, although he did not specify what will happen to them.

“We will honor our commitment to ongoing programs already contracted. Creators who are involved with those shows should expect information directly from us in the coming days.”

The platform had already significantly reduced investment to produce original content, focusing on growing the community of content creators.

“There are currently over 2 million creators in the YouTube Partner Program and our community has never been more successful – we’ve paid out over $30 billion to creators, artists and media companies in the last three years.”


Youtube He didn’t mention if he will make another foray into the streaming world after Originals, but at the moment it looks very complicated by the number of platforms that exist and the type of content they offer.

YouTube Originals He will say goodbye forever on March 1. Now the platform will focus on funds like YouTube Kids, Black Voices and Shorts.

The brand premiered series such as Cobra Kai and Step Up, as well as documentaries and reality television formats starring Hollywood stars such as Will Smith and singers such as Justin Bieber, Camilo, Alicia Keys and Demi Lovato.

It also broadcast live concerts by artists such as Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Paul McCartney and Andrea Bocelli.

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