Your friends will help you recover your account

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Now you can ask your friends for help if you lost your Instagram account, the platform adds a new recovery method

Most people have found themselves in the dilemma of not being able to enter their instagram account because they forgot their password.

Although there are some account recovery methodspeople have pointed out that they are quite tedious and take up a lot of time.

That is why the platform incorporated a new method in which it will allow recover the account with the help from friends.

instagram recovery

In accordance with Instagram now users will only have to ask their contacts to confirm your identity so they can get back to your account.

How to regain access to your Instagram account through your friends?

To use this method, users must enter a password that has been previously used to access the account of Instagram.

Then you will have to choose two friends within the platform. Who will be in charge of confirming your identity and in this way that you can recover your account.

The chosen users will be notified of the process and will receive the following message: “(Username) cannot access your account”.

From that moment you will have a maximum period of 24 hours to respond to the request. identity verification request and be able to carry out account recovery.

instagram friends

Once users have confirmed your identity, Instagram will help you recover your account and will send you a series of steps to generate a new password.

If users do not respond to the request, you will have a second chance to go through the process again and choose two more friends.

Until now Instagram has not revealed more details about this new way to recover your password.

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