You saw them? ‘Squid Game’ errors revealed on TikTok

Netflix recently announced that The squid gamer became the most successful series on the platform. It was seen by 111 million people! And although it was a completely unexpected phenomenon that captivated millions of users, a tiktoker revealed a series of errors that it possesses. Small details that you probably did not notice while living the suspense that this South Korean series subjects you to.

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Errors in Netflix's Squid Game - Hola Telcel Blog

The mistakes of The Squid Game

Undoubtedly, there are a number of successes in The Squid Game that helped create the atmosphere of tension they were looking for for the series. However, as is often the case in most productions, there are some continuity or detail errors in the characters that we don’t usually notice the first time we see it.

A TikTok user listed some errors of The Squid Game and among them are the oversights in the numbering of the players.

In the first episode we see that all the players have an assigned number on their uniforms. The face of each of them also appears on an electronic tab with their number on the floor and they disappear as they are eliminated.

Green light, red light, the game of the series - Blog Hola Telcel

And the first mistakes of The Squid Game revealed on TikTok show that some of the numbers on the uniforms do not correspond to the tab. For example, there is a player who has the number 61 and on the electronic board this number was assigned to a male player. The same is true for at least five other numbers that are listed in the video.

Then,The Squid Game not perfect?

Also, there are some other flaws. In the description of a character it is specified that he was a worker in a glass factory since 1897, which is impossible since the man would be over 124 years old.

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Finally, the user @liriyonni, who is dedicated to sharing content about Korea, showed some errors in the writing of the documents, such as putting “Top scert” instead of “Top Secret”.

@liryonniERRORES “the SQUID GAME” 😜 #ElJuegoDelCalamar #SquidGame #Kdrama #Netflix # 오징어 게임 ♬ original sound – liryonni

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Even with these little mistakes The Squid Game continues in the number one position as the most popular of Netflix. And you, have you seen her yet?

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