You can now use WhatsApp on a second mobile device

WhatsApp, as well as you smartphone, have become crucial for any daily task. Even among the main reasons why sometimes we do not want to change the phone, number or operating system, is to avoid losing all the information we store in the instant messaging app.

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However, WhatsApp has reiterated on several occasions that one of the main reasons why it has been difficult to implement a way in which the app can work independently of the mobile phone is for security. However, we are getting closer and closer to being able to use this messaging service without having our cell phone on.

Multi-device WhatsApp 2.0 will be for cell phones - Hello Telcel Blog

You can now use WhatsApp on a second mobile device!

According WABetaInfoAs will happen with the new version of multi-device WhatsApp, you can now use the app on another device without having to maintain the connection with the first number with which you registered it.

Facebook recently launched a multi-device WhatsApp for the desktop version, with which you can now chat in the app without having your cell phone turned on. However, as WABetaInfo has filtered, this mode will also be available so that you can do the same but from a second mobile phone.

The encryption in messages will work in multi-devices - Blog Hola Telcel

According to the same medium, this new version will be entitled “Multi-device WhatsApp 2.0” and will be available first on tablets or iPads and later on mobile phones.

For now, a limited audience already has access to the desktop version of the app, which you can enjoy by using Internet in your Telcel House , which gives you the best Internet connection to discover all the new features of this version from your computer and continue browsing with #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

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How will multi-device WhatsApp 2.0 work?

Although there are no details on how it will do this yet, the company will respect end-to-end encryption and the second mobile phone will be able to have all the conversation and contact history from the beginning, even without having the first mobile phone turned on.

This feature will be added to the list of updates that WhatsApp has implemented lately. A novelty so that the user can view WhatsApp as an independent tool from their phone.

On Hello Telcel We will tell you about each of the new features that are to come. For now tell us, would you use WhatsApp on a second cell phone?

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