You can now earn money with your Instagram account!

Goal has set to work to include a paid subscription within its social network Instagram. It should be noted that this application is one of the most popular social networks today and is the second application of Goal most downloaded after WhatsApp.

However, the growing popularity of TikTok has caused that Goal Look for new innovations to make the social network more attractive to users. Due to this, those in charge of the app seek to include functions and new services that are not currently available in it.

Users will be able to subscribe to the accounts of their favorite content creators on Instagram- Blog Hola Telcel

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What is known about the monthly subscription on Instagram

Goal has taken this initiative after successfully implementing this same service within Facebook Two years ago. Due to this, the leading company in social networks has decided to launch it also in Instagram officially.

The subscriptions in said application will be for a monthly period and the creators will be able to decide the cost of it. Although it is not yet known for sure Goal will establish a maximum and a minimum so that creators can define the cost of their subscription, if it is known what kind of content and formats the accounts can include in this service.

Benefits you can get by subscribing to your favorite content creators on Instagram- Blog Hola Telcel

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Benefits for content creators and users

One aspect to highlight about this new service of Instagram is that it benefits both content creators and users, because thanks to these monthly subscriptions, users will be able to financially support their favorite content creators in exchange for exclusive content. The benefit of this subscription will be mutual!

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With this subscription, users will have access to stories and exclusive videos, in addition, these contents will be differentiated by users thanks to a subscription badge located next to the comments and messages of each said content. However, please note that this service is currently only available to a limited number of content creators in the US, but is expected to roll out globally in the coming months.

This new service will be eagerly awaited by users of Instagram in general. We have no choice but to be patient to be able to use it. When this service reaches you, which accounts would you like to subscribe to?

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