You can now charge for your content in Facebook groups

A trend in social media deployments is the constant financial incentive for content creators. And as part of those updates, by being the administrator of a Facebook group, you can charge a subscription to the members of the community.

The most popular social networks, such as TikTok, Twitter or Facebook, have been providing financial incentives for those who manage to get many more followers for the content they share. On the one hand, TikTok has launched dynamics to reward the most viewed videos, Twitter implemented Super Follows and now Facebook will launch a feature very similar to the one we have on Discord.

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How can you charge for your content in a Facebook group?

On November 4, the Facebook Communities Summit was held, a global event in which each year Mark Zuckerberg announces new updates to the application to improve the interaction and operation of Facebook groups.

Among the series of functions and tools that will be implemented in the next months in the groups of the platform is a new modality in which administrators will be able to charge for their content.

To do this, you can create a subgroup within the main Facebook group and charge a subscription for the content you share for those users.

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So far it has not been specified what the price ranges will be or the exact date of the launch of this new functionality. But it is known that this and other new tools will be released in the coming months.

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Other news for Facebook groups

In addition to being able to charge through a subgroup, you can also open a store within it that helps your followers or subscribers support your work as a content creator.

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On the other hand, administrators will have more tools to control the content that is shared within the Facebook group. They will be able to post ads and choose the order in which they appear in a new ‘Featured’ section; section that will appear at the top of the groups. In addition, administrators will also be able to interact with community members through an internal chat.

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Finally, although without further specification, in the Meta blog it has been specified that there will be new backgrounds, colors and fonts for the publications within the groups. As all these updates come to Facebook, tell us, which of the news are you most excited about?

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