You can now buy Free Fire diamonds charged to your Telcel receipt!

Garena Free Fire (Also known simply as free fire) is one of the most popular video games of recent times. Developed by ‘111dots studio’, it has an average of more than 150 million people from all over the world who play free fire every day.

The third-person action-adventure game features battle royale-style gameplay in which 50 players are dropped onto an island at the start of the match in order to face off against each other by competing with other players.

Game mode

The game mechanics are extremely attractive. Players must neutralize each other to determine who will be the winner of that match in free fire. This is known when there is only one player left out of the 50 or 51 who dispute the victory standing.

Although it seems easy, it is not as simple as it sounds, because when playing free fire You must have a good strategy to prolong the life of our characters by collecting weapons, medical equipment and selecting a better location on the map than the opponents.

Free Fire diamond package charged to Telcel receipt.-Blog Hola Telcel

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Importance of diamonds in Free Fire

One of the most remarkable aspects of free fire is the customization of the usable characters, since it is possible to modify the appearance of our players through skins, unique weapons and even extra abilities. Although some of these items are found for free in the game, there are some that can only be obtained through microtransactions in which the most valuable currency for this purpose is the diamonds.

There are different ways to obtain these diamonds, the options that the game gives us are: Redeem codes, raise the level of experience, fulfilling missions, get prizes in ‘Gamehag’ or leave an opinion in ‘Google Opinion Rewards’. However, get diamonds Through these processes it can be time consuming for new players, so the game also gives you the option of earning diamonds in exchange for microtransaction purchases on the game’s purchase platforms.

For a limited time you can buy Free Fire diamond packs charged to your Telcel receipt.-Blog Hola Telcel
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How to get diamonds charged to your Telcel bill?

If you are a postpaid customer Telcel We have great news for you, because from the hand of Garena We will make it easier to acquire your diamonds in free fire. The process is simple, because the purchase of diamonds will not only be charged directly to your receipt Telcelbut you can also get as many diamond packages as you need at a lower price than they would cost you on gaming platforms, if you want Acquire Free Fire diamond package charged to your Telcel receipt. You must take into account this offer will only be available until March 2022so we recommend you take advantage of it to make those improvements that you have planned for your character. free fire.

Without a doubt, this game will continue to give people something to talk about, since one of the main advantages of being a fan of free fire is that his fanbase is always listened to by the developers. In this way they include content and characters that their players demand. And you, what will you use the diamond pack for when you have it?

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