Yeedi 2 hybrid robot vacuum cleaner test and opinion

One of the first things you should know about this device is that it is not only limited to vacuuming the dirt that you have on the floor. Apart from this, it also allows you to mop the house, since it includes an additional tank for water and mop-type accessories that are placed in its lower part so that you can consider this model as a full-blown 2-in-1. Therefore, with this product you have much more than what it seems at first, something that allows it to compete perfectly in the market to be a global solution.

Yeedi 2 hybrid vacuum cleaner appearance

Design, attractive and functional

The finish that Yeedi 2 hybrid has is in plastic of a very high quality due to its good resistance, being the predominant white color throughout its casing. Its circular shape coincides with the usual in the market and this is positive, since it allows not to have problems with the corners and to avoid that the impacts are excessively direct and affect the structure. With a minimalist aesthetic that is broken only by one great camera what’s in the upper area, it should be noted that the height of 7.7 mm allows this robot vacuum cleaner to access places such as under armchairs or beds.

With a quite considerable weight above five kilos, which ensures that you will not have problems when carrying out your vacuuming or mopping work, it should be noted that the lid opens with a simple manual system Therefore, when you pull up, you can access the interior (in which there is the tank for dirt and also a power button that stands out for being red and that there will be no problem with identifying it). Besides, the manipulation of other elements that have to be exchanged, such as removing the water tank -in the lower area- or the two large brushes that carry the dirt is really easy. You will not have any doubts about what you have to do, since there are always identifying color codes in this regard.

Yeedi 2 hybrid camera

It does not lack the Yeedi 2 hybrid a charging base which has quite contained dimensions and which is placed on the ground quite easily. It should be noted that its lower part has a rubber that prevents what happens with other models on the market: that this element ends up being pushed by the robot vacuum cleaner and, sometimes, this means that recharging is not carried out correctly. automatically. In short, in the design section, this model more than meets not especially big And that, the truth, everything it offers is well thought out so that the user ends up satisfied.

Yeedi 2 hybrid operation

One of the first things to know in this section is that the robot vacuum cleaner we are talking about does not have a remote control like other lower quality models on the market. The control is carried out by means of a app that works in real time and is downloaded for free for iOS and Android. It offers everything you may need when managing the use of this accessory: activity scheduling; start of work; review of the need to change components: and even management of the maps that are created when using this product. Very complete and translated.

The initial configuration process is quite simple, since you simply have to scan a QR code that appears in the application that you have installed by using the large camera in the upper area of ​​Yeedi 2 hybrid. In a matter of a few minutes, you have the accessory available to use it. Two details to highlight in this section: connection must be used Wifi (2.4 GHz, as is usual in this type of product, so beware of using 5 GHz options at home), which allows you to start cleaning processes from practically anywhere you have Internet access. And, also, if you want to have the application active on several devices, what you have to do is use the same username and password, since making a new configuration eliminates the previous one.

In what has to do with the mapped from the house, it should be noted that this Yeedi 2 hybrid uses several sensors that include the robot vacuum cleaner. But thanks to the use of the integrated camera that we have mentioned before, high precision is achieved. The technology used is proprietary (it is called vSLAM), and in the tests we have carried out the effectiveness it has is excellent. It is able to detect without any problem all the rooms in the house, including the furniture that exists and even the shapes of the walls. You can manually establish what type of room each of those detected is: for example, if it is the kitchen, the living room or a bathroom. With this information you can carry out specific jobs for each of the rooms or prevent the robot vacuum cleaner from entering them.

Vacuumed and scrubbed, good results

They have convinced us a lot in both cases and, always, with something that we believe is very important: the noise what generates is quite lowas it does not exceed 70 dB (even when using the highest of the three power options included in the Yeedi 2 hybrid). The fact is that this model has been able to vacuum practically everything what you found on the ground, including pet hair. In addition, it is quite efficient when it comes to managing the corners and edges of the furniture. Its suction power of 2,500 Pa proves more than enough that even carpets are not a problem for this robot vacuum cleaner. Ah! The capacity of the dirt tank is 430 ml, which is more than enough for several complete cleaning processes.

Access to the interior of Yeedi 2 hybrid

With regard to scrubbing, this is done by filling a lower tank of 240 ml and placing one of the mops that are included with the device itself and indicating in the application that the work to be carried out includes water. Is enough for basic cleaned and can be combined with a vacuum. It leaves some marks in the past, which is not exactly dramatic, and the truth is that as additional option it makes a lot of sense and its usefulness has seemed to us at least adequate.

Using a mop on the Yeedi 2 hybrid

Additional things about this Yeedi 2 hybrid

One of those that should be taken into account is that it offers compatibility with voice assistants more common, such as Google and Amazon’s Alexa (in this case by installing Yeedi’s own Skill). The control options are fairly basic, as they don’t go much beyond the beginning and ending of the cleaning task.

In what has to do with the autonomy that is achieved with a single charge, we have verified that it is possible always clean houses of 140 square meters without any problem – and without the internal battery draining. More than enough to be a correct solution for any user. By the way, the access to the base is done quickly once the work is finished, but it does not lack the possibility to continue a task that has been left behind once new energy is obtained.

Yeedi 2 hybrid vacuum cleaner working

With voice messages that inform about the status of the Yeedi 2 hybrid robot vacuum cleaner, such as if the cleaning has finished (the language is English and there is no option to change it), something that we really liked about this model is his component wear warning system. With it, you will always know that you have to replace a component by means of a notice that reaches you on the phone where you have the application installed. A great detail this.

Yeedi 2 hybrid vacuum cleaner on its base

Conclusion and offers to buy it even cheaper

Once we have tested the Yeedi 2 hybrid robot vacuum cleaner, we can say that this is a sufficient product for most needs and that thanks to its dual function its usefulness is beyond doubt. With good power -a little more would not have been superfluous- and great simplicity of use thanks to a complete and very well structured application, as we have indicated at the beginning this is one of the models that right now offers an excellent quality / price ratio. And, therefore, we believe that it is a purchase that you have to value very seriously.

You can buy the Yeedi 2 hybrid this robot vacuum cleaner on Amazon with a price of 229.99 euros, with a discount of 60 euros that will be applied at the time of ordering. You just have to activate it here:

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