Yamaha Y-306 soundbar at a great discount

The model in question is the Yamaha MusicCast YAS-306, a sound bar with bluetooth, WiFi and Airplay connectivity, so it is compatible with musiccast device. A model that allows you to send music via bluetooth to any headset or speaker from any other manufacturer and that has technology Air Surround Extremme to deliver a sound. In this way, we can enjoy very clear and sharp sounds and dialogues in the front, specific sounds in the side channels and a uniform sound movement around us.

A great connectivity section

This Yamaha YAS-306 sound bar has a high-quality speaker specially designed for this model. The tweeter, woofer and subwoofers they are fully balanced and optimized to produce powerful bass with excellent response and crystal clear highs.

Yamaha y-306 front sound bar

It has five sound programs optimized to fully enjoy our series and movies, sporting events or video games. In addition, it allows us to send our favorite music to the soundbar from our smartphone through Bluetooth or AirPlay. Therefore, it is a sound bar with which we can listen to our Spotify lists or other streaming music services, apps or services such as YouTube itself on the Yamaha Y-306 and even in the last corner of the house.

In addition to its great capacities and sound quality, this sound bar has a rounded design that fits perfectly with any type of decoration and environment. Its size allows us to place it under the television, on top of a piece of furniture or even anchored directly on the wall. The surface of this soundbar is of high quality which prevents a lot of dust from showing. Its dimensions are 7.11 x 95 x 13.21 cm and has a weight of 5.2 kg.

Discount on the Yamaha YAS-306 soundbar

The price of this Yamaha YAS-306 soundbar is 399 euros but as we had already advanced, it is possible to find it on Amazon with an irresistible discount. And is that the online shopping giant has applied a reduction of nothing more and nothing less than 29%, which is a savings of 115 euros when buying this sound bar.

Yamaha y-306 side soundbar

It is a product sold and shipped by Amazon in which Amazon Prime users can benefit from free shipping and offers a delivery time of one week. In addition, for those who prefer them, it is also possible to finance the purchase and pay for this soundbar in four installments for a maximum period of 90 days. Of course, in this case we will have to bear certain interests.

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