“Xupermask” the first mask with headphones created by Will.I.am

Nobody imagined that the masks were going to accompany us for so long. Luckily, the use of masks has given great minds the opportunity to experiment with them and add technology never before seen. One of them has been Will.I.am, leader of the Black Eyed Peas, who in collaboration with the Mexican designer Jose Hernandez created the first smart mask.

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Will.I.am new Xupermask mask with headphones
Photo: Instagram @iamwill

“Xupermask” is the name of this new invention, the first product of its kind with integrated headphones, made especially for those who love to listen to music anytime or anywhere.

In addition to Will.I.am and Jose Fernandez, Marc benioff, the CEO of Honeywell, is a member and founder of this new creation, an important part of the Xupermask being made possible.


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How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating the first smart mask?

It all happened in the presentation of Will.I.am with the Black Eyed Peas in the last edition of the MTV Video Music Awards, where Marc Benioff was surprised with the mask that the singer used during the show, which simulated a space case . At that moment, the businessman approached Will and suggested that he create the first smart mask.

After several talks and proposals, the idea was resolved and teamwork began to make the Xupermask a reality.

Will.I.am video

A smart super mask with great technology

The new Xupermask have integrated headphones in ear with active noise cancellation and magnetic connectivity so they stick to the mask while not in use. In addition, they have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and can be used with Android and iOS devices.

Best of all, Will.I.am, Marc Benioff and José Fernández thought of everything and these smart masks feature dual three-speed fans and air filters; technology that allows breathing without difficulty and that no external particle enters the interior, mainly Covid-19.

New smart mask with integrated headphones.  Will.I.am and José Fernández
Photo: Instagram @iamwill

In addition, the Xupermask is complemented by LED lights, which give it an exceptional design and the battery promises to last up to seven continuous hours of music. Surprising no? 😱

When will the Xupermask be on sale?

Its price will be $ 299 dollars, about $ 6,050 Mexican pesos. It is said that they will go on sale next April 8, but only in the United States, with official shipments to some parts of Europe.

Will.I.am first clever design mask
Photo: Instagram @iamwill

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There is no doubt that the ingenuity of Will.I.am and José Fernández exceeded expectations and that technology has once again made our lives easier. Would you like to have your own mask with hearing aids? 😊

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