XPG Vault | XPG mouse promises to save your PC games

XPG mouse

XPG introduced a hard drive mouse called the XPG Vault, which promises to keep all PC games close at hand, thanks to its hard drive

One of the basic elements of using a computer is the mouse, this device is very important for navigation and even for play some video games.

However, the XPG company will go one step further by presenting XPG Vault, a mouse that has a new very useful function for gamers, and it promises to save your PC games.


The company announced the novelties that it will present at the consumer electronics fair CES 2022 Las Vegas (United States), among which the conceptual product XPG Vault, which has HDD.

According to XPG they hope that with their mouse, gamers can have their video game library in the palm of their hand.

“It features ‘Gaming Launcher’ software that promises to make your gaming libraries comfortably portable and have a higher level of gaming integration with the XPG Prime software ecosystem.”

As revealed the XPG Vault it has a “1 TB solid state memory that runs at a speed of 985MB / s”.

The XPG mouse connects to the computer using a USB type C cable. It should be noted that its design is not different from those that already exist on the market.

So far no more details about this product have been revealed, it is also unknown if it will ever see the light since it is a prototype.

Gamer mouse

Besides this mouse with hard disk, XPG will present its ALPHA series, its new line of gaming mice. It will have versions with or without cable.

During CES 2022 the company will present some computer elements focused on gaming such as a new chassis, a fan and a power supply; new SSD and DRAM drives, and XPG Xenia family laptops.

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