Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Essential Robot Vacuum Cleaner at the lowest price

Sweep, vacuum, mop and mop

We refer to the Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Essential, a robot vacuum cleaner capable of vacuum, sweep, mop and mop to leave the floor of our house clean and shiny without us having to do anything. We can leave home and leave the robot vacuum cleaner cleaning so that when we return we will find everything clean.

A model that has a great suction power, 2000 Pa, so not a speck of dust will be left in its wake. A robot vacuum cleaner that like the rest of Xiaomi products have a great value for money, but that we can now buy at an authentic price bargain with this offer we found on eBay.

Great price for the Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Essential

Specifically, this Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Essential has an official price that is established a bit below 200 eurosHowever, it is now possible to find it on eBay at a starting price of just 149.99 euros. And we say starting because in addition to this interesting price, we can still get a greater discount thanks to the active promotion at the moment in many of the products of the Asian manufacturer.

xioami Vacuum Mop Essential robot vacuum

For this model in question, we can still get a discount of another 22.50 euros applying the coupon P15XIAOMI at the time of indicating our data for the order. That means that we can buy the Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Essential robot vacuum cleaner at a final price of 127.49 euros with shipping costs included. An incredible price for one of the robot vacuum cleaners alternative to the Roomba.

xioami Vacuum Mop Essential control app

This Xiaomi robot has a tank for solids and liquids and has a 90 minute autonomy cleaning. Of course, it has the ability to return to the charging base when it detects a low battery level to charge and once this is done, resume cleaning right at the point where it had left off.

A model that allows the water pump to be adjusted in up to three different levels for the scrubbing mode and that allows its control from the mobilethrough the Xiaomi app. This, together with its WiFi connectivity, means that we can put the robot to clean from the phone at any time, even when we are away from home, so we will find everything clean when we return.

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