Xiaomi surprises with the launch of the Cyberdog

After becoming the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world for a few weeks, Xiaomi presented during a three-hour conference, the high-end launches of smartphones They exceeded all expectations. However, the news with which it ended and which took everyone by surprise, was the launch of the Cyberdog.

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You will become fond of the Cyberdog!

Just like your pet does, the Cyberdog will be able to recognize you: it will have 11 sensors
on your body, including touch and ultrasonic sensors, cameras – which includes an Intel RealSense D450 depth camera – and GPS to help you interact with your surroundings.

According to the company, thanks to the cameras and GPS that make it up, the robot dog will have the ability to recognize its owner when it is in a small group of people or in the middle of a crowd.

This is the cyberdog robot dog of Xiaomi- Blog Hola Telcel

In addition to being able to track its owner, the sensors will allow it to avoid obstacles. On the other hand, the robot dog will have a great sense of hearing thanks to the six microphones it has, with which it will understand commands, such as sitting, staying upright and some other instructions that were shown during the presentation.


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As if that were not enough, the Cyberdog will be light and fast. It will only weigh 3 kilograms, a much smaller amount than it appears to be the size of a normal 25 kg dog. Not to mention that it will have the ability to run at a speed of 3.2 m / s, about 11.52 km / h.

How to get the robot dog of the moment?

Xiaomi announced that it is not a prototype since it already has a sale price for China: 9,999 yuan, approximately 31 thousand Mexican pesos. Nevertheless,
they will only release 1,000 of these pieces and they will be destined for “Xiaomi fans, engineers and robotics enthusiasts to jointly explore the immense possibility of CyberDog”, as mentioned in the conference.

While the demand for the Cyberdog decreases and in the future it is easy to obtain one as if it were a smartphone, test Xiaomi’s technology with the new launch of the Wed 11 in a Telcel Plan or with Friend Kit, enjoying the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

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