Xiaomi soundbar with a great discount for less than 67 euros

The specific model we are talking about is the Redmi TV SoundBar, which has a finish in which it mixes plastic and metal quite correctly and has a color black that allows it to fit perfectly in all types of living room environments. With quite small dimensions (780 x 64 x 63 mm) and the possibility of hanging on the wall in case you need it, it allows you to be much closer to the home theater than if you only use the speakers that are included in the television you have.

Soundbar Xiaomi Redmi TV SoundBar in black color

Inside the Xiaomi soundbar you find two output units 45 x 80 mm that allow a maximum power that reaches the 30 WTherefore, it surpasses the vast majority of TVs currently sold in the market, which are ten less. The sound quality is quite good, since it works in a correct way with the different ranges (without clashing in the bass), and it has such interesting options as an impedance of 4 ohms or the possibility of using frequencies that go from 80 at 20,000 Hz. Come on, what has no problem with all kinds of content multimedia be it videos or games.

An offer that is a reason to buy

Right now you can buy the Redmi TV SoundBar with a discount which is located in the twenty% of the price it usually has. Therefore, you only have to pay 66.19 euros for this model that does not lack a plug that is compatible with the one used in Spain. With control buttons integrated into the housing itself, which perfectly fit what the design has to do, since the integrated one is multifunctional, we leave the link that you have to use if you decide to take advantage of the promotion we are talking about without having to leave home and with excellent reliability:

Connectivity of this Xiaomi soundbar

Without being the widest that you will find on the market, it is more than enough that this accessory offers, since it includes options such as auxiliary input 3.5 mm for the possibility of using a cable coaxial for higher quality. But the really important thing is that this is a compatible model with Bluetooth 5.0, so you can install and use it without having to put any cable through even to send music from devices such as phones or tablets.

Redmi TV SoundBar connections

With all that we have indicated, and being clear that this is a model that fits perfectly to be combined with televisions that have a screen of at most 50 inchesWe believe that this is an excellent soundbar to improve your sound experience when it comes to enjoying all kinds of content without spending a lot of money.

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